Friday, July 31, 2020

My Garden 2020-- March

March 2020
March came in quick! One day all winter gloom and then the blooms started. Had a few surprise arrivals that I planted last year from seed and that didn't show until this year. Had completely forgotten about them! lol  

And then the tulips. I didnt get nearly as many in the ground in the fall as I'd hoped but the ones that were in were gorgeous as they started blooming. And my mailbox (my favorite bed) got it summer makeover! 
 Last year I bought a bag of wildflower mix. I just threw it all on the ground and hoped for the best. Nothing much came of it until this year. These darling little ones popped up through the fall leaves

My first big haul of the season! As I slowly transform from yard to garden I'm tackling sections at a time. First the mailbox bed. Then the dogwood bed. Now the front right bed that's up against the house. It's mostly shade which is a little difficult.

These daffodils have been going strong for going on 10 years now I believe. It's crazy. They come up every year and are just lovely. I really do need to plant more. They're such happy plants

Hellebore! I saw these on a youtube video a year or so ago and thought they were gorgeous. 
I'd never seen them locally though until this year. I snapped up a few and decided to try them out. They're perennials so if all goes well will be a nice longterm investment

Add in some ferns (first time), heuchera (the purple leaves on the right) and hostas (back right) and I'm a happy girl. I can't remember the name of the tiny pink/white blooms. I try them every year. They also die every year LOL (they've already died a sad death)

I love cabbage and kale plants. I rarely get to eat them because I suck at growing them for food. But they're just stunning center pieces through multiple seasons. Gorgeous leaves and then when they finally bolt from the heat they put off incredible bloom stems. If you want to bring bees to your garden early on in the season...PLANT THEM! They love love love the blooms

Cutie little brussels sprouts

Google Fiber. Bane of my existence! They've dug up my yard I think 4 times now. This last time they moved my planters and left them there. So that was fun trying to move them back when full on my own. Not to mention that deep trough was left and barely filled in. Months later it still dips.

Round 2! More heuchera and snapdragons and all kinds of pretties. Some for shade. Some for the mailbox bed which is fullsun.

The dogwood bed. I created a raised bed around it and put all kinds of fun things. Tulips, heuchera, sedum, mint, pansies and violas, etc

I had an escape artist LOL

See!!! Isn't it pretty once it's bolted?! A different look for sure but such a dramatic way to put off blooms. Happy bees and other pollinators this month.

And the mailbox bed. It looks SO skimpy doesn't it?! LOL It always does when first done but they grow in nice and plump eventually.

And that was March! I know. I'm horribly behind. I'll post April-July this week so I'm all caught up :)

I do post to instagram and the blog's fb pages so click those links to see current happenings. 

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