Friday, December 21, 2012

12 Nights of Christmas Interview & Giveaway!!

Hey All!! I was interviewed yesterday by the chickies over at Beach Bum Reads and Darkest Addictions!!

Pretty cool, right? They're two of my fave bloggers and just great girls who are a hoot. They're doing a 12 Nights of Christmas event with a bunch of giveaways and interviews and such right now which yall should all go and checkout :)

Anywho, thought yall might like to know. They're giving away a copy of one of my favorite 2012 reads too!! 
So head on over. Leave em some love and maybe win an awesome read!


  1. i will to check it immediately^^

  2. OMG! That was so funny! And those cupcakes.....I was rolling! Have you got a recipe for those? This non baker would love to give them a try. They may turn out to look like they have some (ahem) dysfunction problems going on after I finish with them but it would be a blast to try.

    1. OH! Forgot to mention.... I'm another one who has no desire what-so-ever to give FSoG a try.

    2. LOL aren't those hysterical?! Haven't actually tried making them but I think I'm going to add them to my tasty tuesday list for 2013 and give them a go :) LOL

      These are the original ones I found...
      penis cupcakes

  3. Oh I loved the interview! I would try baking those cupcakes, but I don't have time enough without my girls around lol I would be hard pressed trying to explain to them what I was making!

    1. LOL oh yeah that would definitely be a hard one to make with little ones underfoot!


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