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Croc and the Fox (FUC #3) by Eve Langlais

Warning: An ornery croc discovers he does have a pulse when a hot to trot fox decides to latch on, and never let go. Tongue in cheek humor, sizzling moments and a tiny, evil villain await.

A career military man, Viktor lives for the next mission – and his collection of weapons -- but a raid on an experimental lab makes him an unwilling protector, mostly because he can’t peel Renee off. A cold blooded croc, he never intended to settle down, but he didn’t count on a foxy lady warming his heart.

The world outside the laboratory was a big scary place. Unsure of how to deal with it, Renee latches onto the biggest, baddest, and sexiest, warrior around. Sharp toothed and with ice in his veins, Viktor’s violent side should have sent her running, but instead, she finds the courage to face her fears –and tame the lizard.

When danger comes knocking, with the intention of turning her lizard into a high priced fashion accessory, will Renee embrace her foxy side and show a croc she’s got what it takes to be his mate?

And will they finally vanquish the evil known as mastermind?

Type: Paranormal Romance, Shifters
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

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Oh. My. Shifter-Loving. Soul I am in heaven. Seriously if I have to pick a paranormal creature to read about it's going to be a shifter every single time but a girl gets a little tired of wolf after wolf and could use a little variety and holy hell Eve Langlais where have you been all my life? This woman has them all. Crocodiles, fox, swans, giraffes, bears, saber tooth rabbits. And *swoon* it was glorious. Funny, sexy, creative as hell and one that'll have me reading a lot more from Langlais in the future.

This one's not serious at all really and was exactly what I was looking for after coming off a couple rip your heart out heavy reads. I needed something fun and light, easy and a little silly and I got just that. This was book 3 in the series but so easy to jump right into and not have any trouble understanding what's going on.

I really had a great time with the main characters Renee, a fox shifter that's been locked away and experimented on for years and Viktor the Crocodile shifter and FUC agent who sprung her from her dungeon. Yep, their agency is called FUC. Furry United Coilition. Told ya. Silly. The FUC agents pretty much go about protecting and serving and being all sexy doing it ;)

After being locked away and experimented on for longer than she can remember facing freedom is pretty much scary as hell for Renee and she's a little flighty there at the beginning and despite his grumbly protests she latches on to Viktor like glue. He's 12 years older than her, a reptile for goodness sake! They don't cuddle! Or get warm fuzzies for mammals! I LOVE a grumbly rough hero so Viktor totally worked for me. And even though she's not the most serious character I really enjoyed Renee too and wanted to hug her as she battled her fear of the big blue sky and meeting strangers. She's really endearing in a way.
Eyes locked on his slow strip tease, she didn't even blink as he undid the buttons, revealing bulging dark fabric.

"Must you stare?" he growled.

"I'd videotape it if I could."
These two are as different as night and day but suit so well. She can be fierce when push comes to shove and someone tries to hurt her croc and the girl is determined as all get out to snag, or um, shag? him. He puts up some protests and can gruff but under it all he's a good guy which makes it even more fun to watch unfold. 

There's a little bit of mystery as they go about trying to capture the "big" bad evil and some fun little surprises along the way too. With some nice sexy bits, humor and snarky goodness it was just a great read and one I'd recommend to anyone that has a thing for shifters and light hearted humor.

Have you read Eve? Or the FUC series? Do you have a favorite?
What's your shifter of choice? Ever read a strange one like a Crocodile? 

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