Tuesday, December 24, 2019

4 stars-- Two Men Walk into a Bar (at Christmastime) by Katy Regnery

A short story and it made me cry. Dammit! lol  Yall. Two Men Walk into a Bar (at Christmastime) was so cute! It's a catch up with two previous couples-- Asher/Savannah from The Vet and the Vixen and Zach/Violet from Playing for Love at Deep Haven. Impossible not to love.

The Gist: It's Christmas and two fellas meet at an airport bar after their flights home for Christmas are canceled due to snow. Their women? Well, they're not going to let a little snow get in the way of Christmas with their men. Sure not.
It was sweet and darling and made me love these guys all over again. It was fun seeing the couples randomly meet and become friends and then seeing them make the best of a not so perfect Christmas was just heartwarming. The guys totally made me cry and then the girls totally made me cry. ::snort::

I absolutely love what Regnery did with this short story. It was a wonderful way to catch up with two awesome couples and one of the cleverest 'catch up' stories I've seen. The perfect little Christmas quickie.
When Asher Lee (from The Vixen & the Vet) and Zach Aubrey (from Playing for Love at Deep Haven) get stranded at the Los Angeles airport on Christmas Eve, an instant friendship is formed. But will bad weather (and bad luck) conspire to keep them from joining their wives, Savannah and Violet, for Christmas?

Find out in this SHORT STORY (8,000 words) that revisits the happily-ever-after of two beloved Katy Regnery couples!

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