Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Winter & Spring in the Garden

Already May. My word, yall. I just don't even know how that's possible. lol Oops! A little garden tour this week. Some Winter and early Spring. It's starting to come along!


I love decorative and edible kales, cabbages and such in the garden. They add such nice textures and colors and change so much as the seasons go. Always something interesting and unique. 

Something new I'm getting into are hellebore. They're just striking. I've got pale purple, white and some deep magenta in the garden. They're perfect for shady areas. The entire plant is toxic but animals tend to leave them alone


Something I try to do is mix in edible plants into my planters and landscape along with regular greenery and flowers. Kale, mustards, bokchoy, swiss chard, lettuces. The colors and textures over winter are amazing


For my birthday I received these amazing bird garden panels from my friend Kelly. I love seeing the new blooms pop up around them. And some kale bolting due to a 3 day hot spell. Oof!


Chives! I love them. And their flowers which are edible too. These are a few years old now and keep coming back. And a kale in bloom


Broccoli! Same plant left and right photo. It was growing so cute! But then that 3 day hot spell made it bolt. I decided to let it go to seed and am waiting for them to dry so I can harvest the seeds for next years crop.

Kale both decorative (purple ones) and edible (green ones) in bloom after they bolted.

Azaleas! These are over 17 years old. They were here when I bought the house and have amazing blooms. I think because they're under a pine tree and they love those. Pale pink, hot pink and then a white behind them that bloomed the following week.


I got this cool planter. So far...interesting. It's self watering and supposed to grow great. I'm still working on it. In the middle is what I think will eventually become grapes lol And the white flowers are a radish in bloom.



We had a tiny visitor! I got home and found this darling babe in the front garden all alone. Tiny baby who fit in the palm of my hand and too young to be on her own. So she was taken to a rehabber. She likely fell off mom as she was walking through. 



Working on the multiple garden beds. Some perennials that came back and now adding annuals in to fill in the gaps. 



I rooted things! I had a couple branches snap off of a coleus and some basil. Decided to try and root them. A week in and I had some nice beginnings!

I've been working on a deck transformation too. That'll be next post hopefully. But this is one of the six railing boxes. All had to be completely emptied and redone. I think it's looking amazing already!

What's your favorite flower? Do you grow anything?

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