Kitten Reviews!

We're starting something new here at herding cats & burning soup...Kitten Reviews!

And that's all about YOU!

This is all new so things may change over time as this or that comes up. If you've got any questions just leave a comment or shoot me an email at


The Goal?

Help authors by getting more reviews out there on major review sites

And giving out gifites to all of you for doing it!

What Counts?
  • Any book you picked up because it was mentioned/reviewed/spotlighted on herding cats (or one of our social media outlets like Facebook)
  • Any author you gave a try after seeing them on here
  • It's okay if you'd seen the author/book/series other places and were nudged into trying it here
  • It's okay if it's a different book than was spotlighted (ex- we reviewed book 4 and you start at book 1)
  • "freebie/sale" books we've posted & you've bought count!
  • If you've already read one on a recommendation from us you can review those now or link in old reviews
  • Multiples: If you read an entire series or multiples from an author on here they all count!

What doesn't Count?
  • Mean spirited reviews- You know the type (author bashing, etc). It's okay if you give a negative review but please do so constructively. 
  • "I loved this book!" reviews- Reviews don't have to be long but give a little more than that <g> darlings
  • Books/authors we haven't featured 

the deets
  • Post a review on one (or more) of the major review sites (Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, etc) or your blog for any book you've picked up *because* you saw it here.
  • Then come back here and link your review! 
  • Reviews DO NOT have to be 5 Stars. It's cool if you didn't love a book we did :) All honest reviews count be they 1 star or 5 stars!
  • Win prizes! Every, say, 6 months we'll do a random drawing from qualified reviews for prezzies! Easy Peasy!

For "link title" please format it: Book Name (Your name/Nickname)


  1. Hi, Anna!

    I love to read and I love to review novels. Hey, an author worked hard to write a novel and it behooves the reader to take the time to write a review. Fair is fair, right? I love authors and am so thankful they write stories for me to enjoy. What would like be without books? Oh - I wouldn't want to find out. Do count me in on this next endeavor.

    1. Oh my word me either Connie! I couldn't agree more :D Awesome! So glad you'll be joining in!! Can't wait to see what yall think!

  2. Nice Anna! This sounds like a lot of fun, and I love the title "Kitten Reviews" ^,^ LOL I hope everyone has fun with it, I know I will :)


  3. Great idea, I'd like to promote it on my little corner of the internet. Do you have a button/banner I can upload to promote this?

    Adria's Romance Reviews Among Wildlings

    1. Oooo you know I didn't even think about that. I'll see what I can do :)

    2. Awesome, just let me know if you get a banner or button or something and I'll promote it on my blog and accompanying FB page.

  4. It's an excellent idea^^; i will be able to participate when i can ( discovbered so many authors during the december month^^)

    1. Yay! Please do! Anytime you wanna add one in that you discovered her go right ahead :)

    2. i think they will be several once i manage to get books from the list you put for your sports romance challenge ( i guess that count^^)^^ anyway i will do my best don't worry

  5. Sounds fun-- hopefully I added my Amazon review correctly for you.


    1. Yup you did it right :) Glad you enjoyed the read!

    2. Thanks-- even is you did have me staying up all night to read it!

  6. Hiya, have added a link - hope I've done it correctly!!
    The review is on Goodreads but I've also posted to Amazon UK and my own wordpress blog!! :D

    1. Yup you did it perfectly! So glad you enjoyed the book too!!

  7. oki a new one before i go to bed ^^ i tried to win it thanks to you ( so i did read it partly thanks to you^^)

    1. LOL that works too Miki! Will be by after work to check it out!


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