Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello lovely bloggers! I've been at this going on 6 years now. And I've learned a lot during that time. I'm totally not the end all and be all and I so don't know everything. It's a constant learning process, isn't it? But I wanted to offer some resources for other bloggers. Some tutorials. Some discussions. Some social opportunities. Find them below!

My blog is hosted on the Blogger Platform and I realized there are very few websites that do tutorials for things on Blogger.

So. I started doing them! Some things apply to all blogging platforms but for the most part examples and such focus on Blogger/Blogspot.

For more Info go HERE!

The Social (book) Blogger is a place to meet other bloggers, chat about what we do, get help on certain issues, bitch about other issues lol and just hang out. We have a Facebook group and a linky list of blogs. Add yours and come join the FB group. 

We host three Blog Ahead Challenges each year.
The goal is to get AHEAD in your blogging and increase your number of pre-scheduled posts so you're no longer blogging last minute.


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Blogger Shame Challenge is our cheeky way of admitting that sometimes...we suck and a review book will slip by. This challenge is for any review book commitment that is 6+ months past due.


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3-4 times per year we host a Blog Hop Giveaway.
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