Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Bucket List

 I've been kicking this idea around for a while and decided I'm ready to give it a go!

Basically it's a Bucket List with a herding cats twist. lol

Each month I'm going to pick out...something to do and then give myself the entire month to make it happen.

They won't all be big things.
Some will be fun, some serious, some easy or a little more complex. 

Things I've wanted to see or do, projects around the house, things on the blog, etc.

Everyone is welcome to join in if they'd like!
And you can do anything you want each month.
You don't have to do the same as mine but, of course, you're more than welcome to as well.

And so it begins--the closets
July 2014--Closets & Cross Stitch

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