Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dirty Little Secrets- the defiler of books...

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This week's question: 

Book abuse!  What's the worst thing you've done to a book?

I'm a completely unrepentant dog-earer. I figure it's a sign of a well loved and enjoyed book :) So lots of my books have a page turned here or there. 

But that's usually the worst I do. I'm pretty careful with the covers and not breaking the spines. Any like that usually come from the used bookstore.

Jeremy. The defiler of books.
One book though did meet a terrible end. The poor thing fell on the floor and before I realized it one of the herd babies decided it needed a little something extra and hurled right on it. Yeah. He's a charmer. 

So after one read I had to toss one of my favorites and head off to B&N to buy a new copy while repeating "I love my cat. I love my cat. I swear. I love my cat" the whole way there. 

What the worst you've done?! Come on, fess up :)


  1. LMAO the deflier of books. So cute!


  2. I am a spine breaker. I try not to and sometimes succeed but as a rule I kill the spines.

    1. I'm pretty good about it except for the really huge books that are 500 plus pages. Those are so hard to keep a nice spine on. Drives me nuts!

  3. ROTFL! defiler huh? Anna he is cute ;) I busted up laughing at your I love my cat chant..too much. As you know, I'm a dog-earer & spine breaker, it can't be help ;)

    have a great weekend & thanks for stopping thru my DLS.

    BTW love the new look!

    1. Heh. Couldn't believe his aim. He's a pretty funny boy and so sweet so he survived the whole defiling incident. Lucky thing.

      Ah the chant. So very common in this household. There's an "I love my dogs. I love my dogs." version too and even an "I love my turtle! She's not the devil's spawn. I love my turtle!"

      Hope you have a great weekend too (and thanks!)

  4. LOLOL! I have a dog and once my bookshelf was so full and unorganized that when he accidentally hit it, the pile of books fell on him! Good thing he was fast and moved out of the way. At least mine did hurl on it. Love your chant!


    1. OMG poor baby! Glad he's a quick one! Love a bookcase that's that full :)

  5. I've been known to throw books. Not often but I have. I threw one of KMMs Fever books. I hate cliffhangers so if it's a big cliffhanger the book will be thrown. And I break the spines. I do that before I even start reading. It hurts my hand to hold the book if I don't break the spine. But I don't read or break the spine of my signed books.

    1. Ah yes. KMM. That one seems to be a very popular one to throw across the room. Mine didn't get thrown but there were some choice phrases muttered!

      LOL. Yall spine crackers are killing me! ;) Glad the signed ones are safe :)


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