Monday, February 25, 2013

Giveaways and Commenting!

Hey Chickies!

Okay, so a little random post for yall but I realized something earlier and just wanted to get a note out to everyone that it's okay if you don't want to enter a giveaway. You are still more than welcome to comment on the posts even if you're not entering. Reviews, interviews, guest posts, what-have-you's. 

I love hearing from yall and so do the authors so if there's an author you just want to just say hi to because you love their work (but you don't want the book being given away for whatever reason) come by and leave them a comment. Or if it's a book being reviewed that sounds good to you? Feel free to drop a note off. 

The only way you'll be entered in the giveaways is if you actually enter info in the Rafflecopters :) 


  1. don't worry i will try to comment a little more it's just that until i'm better i'm takling things slow and low ( but i did read teh post s soon as i had 5min of cleared head)

    1. Oh no worries Miki :) I just realized there were some people shying away from posts because of the giveaways attached to them. Just wanted everyone to know it was okay to comment even if they weren't entering, ya know?

      I really hope you start feeling better soon. Whatever is going around is just nasty. I know a couple ladies struggling to get better right now and I just hate that yall are feeling so down!

  2. Good post Anna. I often don't want to win an ebook and skip the post, unless there is no other way to read the book :) I still prefer paperbacks.

    1. Thanks Aurian- I'm the same way and need to take my own advice really. I'll comment on some giveaways on other blogs (especially ones i really want to win lol) but I tend to shy away from commenting if I'm not entering them for some reason. Trying to be better about it though since comments are always nice to get :)

  3. Thanks Anna. Didn't realize we good. Good to know.
    Sue B


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