Friday, February 22, 2013

Randomly Random & Easily Distracted!

Alright kittens! We're adding a new feature to the blog...Randomly Random and Easily Distracted. Basically all sorts of little random bits and what-nots ;)

So, what brought this around? Ice Cream. And not just any ice cream. This is like The Cherise Sinclair of Ice Cream. the Black Dagger Brotherhood if they came in frozen, creamy goodness. Every brilliant, hysterical Jill Shalvis moment condensed into a pint of absolute make you weak in the knees...perfection. 

Okay, so really it all started when I saw this man. 


Tonya Burrows:
"Tonight's writing fuel: B&J's coffee Heath bar crunch.
It's a thing of beauty, huh?"
Yall remember him, right? We were part of the cover reveal for this gorgeous bit of man a couple weeks back and I started following Tonya Burrows on Facebook because, well, I'm dying for this book. 

Now this woman. I've decided she's just a wee bit evil because the other night she shared this photo (over on the right ---> ) of this ice cream and dammit I had to have it.


At 930 PM. 

Off come the pjs. 

Racing to the car. 

Peeling out of the neighborhood and off to my local Kroger where I searched the ice cream coolers in a damn near panic because they never have what I'm looking for and I want this ice cream BAD. 

And there on the very last shelf. Pushed all the way over by itself
 is one glorious pint of Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream. 

Be still my heart. 

LOL Alright so like none of that was true. I was totally going to the grocery for bread and cheese already but damn if I didn't walk just a little quicker to get to that ice cream isle after finding this beautiful combination actually existed in the world. ::snort:: And really he was sitting off all by himself like the other ice creams were shunning him so I just HAD to bring him home. 

And Oh. My. God. People it is heavenly. 

Like the best damn Ben & Jerry's that's ever touched my tongue. Whoever thought it up was brilliant and needs a freaking raise! Or cookies. Cookies would be good too.

I swear I soooo didn't eat this all in once sitting. I'd never do such a thing. 
I'm a lady after all and only had a dainty little taste. And then put it promptly away.

Okay. Maybe a little more than a taste. 

Ah hell. I did. I really did eat it all in one sitting. Pretty much. And damn if I didn't enjoy every last coffee infused, heath bar crunch riddled magnificent bite of it. Seriously yall if you haven't already you need to hunt a pint of this down. Like yesterday. Favorite ice cream. Ever. 

So thank you Miss Tonya! And thank ya for letting me snag your photo up there :)
Yall if you'd like to follow Tonya you can find her all these places below. Maybe you'll find your next favorite...something!

Find Tonya here ----> Website  Twitter   Facebook   Goodreads

**UPDATE** Apparently my favorite ice cream is no more! B&J changed the ingredients and name to Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch. And it's...just not the same. *sobs* Now I have to find a new favorite Ice Cream. #Devastated.

Alright chickadees. I wanna hear from you! 

So which of yall have tried this one? 
What's YOUR downfall when it comes to ice cream?
Want to gush some more about Tonya's cover? Lord knows I never get tired of looking at him!

[oh and with these Randomly Random & Easily Distracted...yall are more than welcome to throw ideas my way for them. They'll be for random non-book reviews, events maybe, silly stuff like this. Eh. Who knows. But yall are welcome to join in and have fun with it too. ~Anna]


  1. Oy, I knew this was coming and I STILL had to stop by. I have been a terror about ice cream lately. See, I LOVE ice cream (and other dairy products) but unfortunately in my older age, I have become lactose intolerant *wails* What does that mean? It means that I have to curb my love for dairy and even then I have to take pills so that I don't feel like I'm dying after eating dairy.

    So for the past 3 weeks I've been craving ice cream so bad that I've turned kind of cranky and stubborn. I am hoping this will end during the weekend because I'm getting ready to chase someone and kick them just for good measure.

    I have NEVER had Ben & Jerry's before either. I do love Kemps brand though, it's very creamy and not too sweet. With that brand, even plain ole vanilla is to die for. My favorite flavors are pretty simple, chocolate, cookies and cream and vanilla/fudge swirl.

    Great, now I REALLY want to kick someone.


    1. Aw Adria that sucks! I'm slightly lactose intolerant but not any where near what you have I don't think. This was the first one in a while that didn't mess with me which was surprising.

      I don't think I've ever seen Kemps. I'll have to start keeping an eye out for that.

      Mmmm vanilla/fudge swirl and cookies and cream are pretty darn good. Oy. And now I want more ice cream. This is a vicious vicious circle. LOL

  2. Well Adria, I am sorry to be making this confession....I don't like ice cream. Once in a great while, a fudge bar will strike my fancy. But rarely. And that's it. Actually I am not a crazy about sweets girl. I like my, chocolate. But mostly its stuff like bacon, a burger, chili, a hot dog of the grill....that stuff will totally do me in. and now, having said that, Anna is probably going to kick me out!!! Haha

    1. Oh. My. God. Lisa I am gonna have to kick you out! No desserts? Really? I shudder to even think. I have such a sweet tooth as I'm sure you've gathered from Tasty Tuesday posts. LOL

  3. And as for randomly random....easily distracted.....I prefer men that have a natural hair look....when did men start waxing,,.arms legs chest....and why?? It distracts me!! Lol

    1. Me too Lisa! Oh. Me too! The only ones I get that have shaved legs/arms are bicyclists because of falling. Other than that no thanks! It distracts me too. Okay, I don't want a monkey look either though but a little hair is nice.

      Does it drive you crazy on covers? The historical covers for some reason really get me.

  4. I am not a big fan of ice cream either. Every once in a while I like some good homemade peach or banana ice cream. And if I do eat store bought ice cream I like mint chocolate chip the best. But having said that, I absolutely love Heath bars. I make a Heath Bar Cake sometimes. And I also make a toffee candy with saltine crackers, sugar & butter that is out-of-this-world.

    That cover is hot but I'd much prefer him to have a little bit of hair on his chest AND it would be perfect if he had a soft sexy happy trail starting below his belly button, going into his pants and leading to....well, you know. OK, so I looked again & maybe he does have a very light one. It's hard to tell but if he does it needs to be a little thicker.

    1. Ahhh yeah I'm with ya on the little bit of hair and a soft sexy happy trail. That would have been perfect and incredibly drool-worthy!

      Banana ice cream? Can't say I've even thought of that one. Heath Bar Cake has my attention though! And the toffee candy!

    2. I've only had homemade banana ice cream but I think you can buy banana pudding ice cream. I want to say it's Mayfield but I could be wrong.

      Heath Cake

      1 box German Chocolate Cake mix
      1 can Eagle Brand milk
      1 jar caramel topping (found with ice cream toppings)
      8 oz Cool Whip
      3 Heath candy bars

      Bake cake mix as directed in 9 x 13 pan. While cake is hot poke holes in it with a wooden spoon handle. Pour Eagle Brand Milk and caramel topping over cake. Cool overnight. Spread Cool Whip on top then sprinkle crushed Heath bars on top of Cool Whip. Keep refrigerated.

      Saltine Cracker Toffee

      1 sleeve saltine crackers
      2 sticks butter
      1 cup sugar
      12 oz milk chocolate chips (you can use semisweet if you prefer)
      crushed pecans or peanuts if you want

      Preheat oven to 350.

      Line cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Use a cookie sheet with sides because you will be pouring liquid into it. Spray aluminum foil with Pam. Place one sleeve of Saltines on cookie sheet. Side by side, close together.

      Melt 2 sticks butter & 1 cup sugar on medium heat. Bring to a boil & let it boil for 3 minutes. Pour over crackers. Bake for 10-15 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle 12 oz milk chocolate chips on top. Spread them with a knife. Return to oven if the chips don't melt enough to spread. Refrigerate until hard & then break it into small pieces. Some people add crushed pecans or peanuts on top. I don't but you can if you want. Just put them on top of the melted chocolate.

    3. Oh & while the sugar & butter are boiling, make sure you stir it with a spoon or whisk.

    4. Okay just reading those I damn near hummed in pleasure. Yeah I'll have to be trying both of them. The saltines sound a lot like the pretzel bark I make. Or well, the "toffee" part of it does. I'll have to make these on a day I'm going into the USO so I can have just a serving or two and then leave all the rest of it at the center there. LOL

      Thanks for the recipes!

  5. 1 - that cover is smoking hot! I absolutely love & was so happy that I was part of the cover reveal

    2 - I love Butter Pecan ice wake up in the middle of the night cravings love it...lols. It's soooo good. We're always at conflict in my house becoz everyone else wants plain ol vanilla (come on...have some imagination ppl..lmbo)

    love the new meme Anna :)

    1. 1- Oh me too! I think that was one of the best cover reveals I've been a part of yet. Loved it!

      2- Plain vanilla? Oh what a waste. That's kinda like plain white walls to me. Butter Pecan is one I haven't had in a really long time. Maybe I'll give that a try next! I feel ya on the middle of the night cravings. Man putting together this post I was so tempted to make another grocery run. LOL

      Thanks for dropping by Sharonda!

  6. I did not get this email yesterday or I would have braved the nasty weather here just to try and find that ice cream at the store! I love coffee ice cream! Add in the Heath Bar Crunchies and I'll be addicted to it I'm sure! LOL!!! I'm gluten intolerant so I have to be careful of the ice cream I buy but anything with chocolate, coffee, fruit... Heck, even vanilla because I can always add my own flavorings to it.

    As for that cover... Now I've got to check out this author just because the cover is yummy too!

    1. OOOh yeah do check her out. It's her first book but she's a nice lady and entertaining from what I've seen on Facebook :) I can't wait until it comes out!

      I'm so like you. I can enjoy a lot of them even vanilla but I have to decorate it up a bit :D Hope you enjoy this one if you ever get to try it!

  7. I've never been into toffee. My icecream sin is chocoalte & peanutbutter. Yep. Probably one of the highest calorie icecreams out there.

    1. But GOOOD for you! Dairy! Protein! And really if nothing else just good for the soul, right? ;)

  8. Phish Food is my downfall. I try to be good and buy the yogurt version. You know, isn't yogurt supposed to be good for you? But eating the entire pint in two days probably isn't being very good so I try not to buy it or allow myself to buy it under the pretense that it's for the kids.

    My other downfall is Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. I tell myself these are good for me. They do have antioxidants and protein ;)

    1. LOL I like your thinking on that one. Yep. I'm going with that one. It's dairy. That's an important food group :D

      Don't think I've ever tried Phish Food.

  9. I L-I-V-E for ice cream! Can you tell by the waddle in my butt? Coffee ice cream with Heath bars is my absolute favorite. Chocolate is OK but not a favorite. Now, wait a minute before you throw rocks at me. I never said I was normal. I just like coffee ice cream and Heath bars. To die for. Sigh....

    1. To die for indeed! I do like chocolate ice cream but coffee is always my first pick which is so odd because I will not touch coffee the drink. No way! But love the ice cream. And love the Heath bars. Holy cow. I've got to run to the grocery store tonight and I can feel my inner restraint flowing right outta me. ;)

  10. Ok, that cover... that man needs some ice cream spread liberally all over him, preferably in my bed. I'm totally going to read that book just because of the cover. Is that wrong?

    As for ice cream, I love birthday cake ice cream. I'd prefer it from Cold Stone, but I can't always afford that. I'm not a millionaire, ya know? Other than that, I'm not super picky. I even get excited when my daughter makes us get superman or blue moon. :) What I do love though, is some old fashioned cones from dairy queen. A swirl twist with chocolate. OR the tweety bird with the bubblegum eye on the ice cream truck (even though my local ice cream truck driver is a crook!!)

    1. Oh, and I love dark chocolate with the THICK peanut butter ribbon from Baskin robbins!

    2. See now that's what I'm talking about. He would be EXCELLENT with a little ice cream topping. LOL If it's wrong I'm joining ya. It's so on my TBR list.

      Birthday cake ice cream? Okay, I haven't had that one. I don't do the whole Cold Stone ice cream bit really. I usually don't even buy B&J which I think is a little pricey. But they're gonna suck me in with this one.

      OOOoooo and now I want a Dairy Queen dipped one. Darn this thread is making me drool LOL

    3. LOL I can afford cold stone like once every 5 years :) But other brands have good birthday cake ice ceam. It's usually very colorful with ribbons of frosting :)

    4. Ribbons. of. Frosting? Oh my god. I'm so in! I'm gonna have to try and find some of that here. LOL

  11. Chocolate...just plain chocolate with a drizzle of hot fudge on top. Oh who am I kidding..I pour more than a dainty drizzle of hot fudge on my ice

    1. Mmmmhmmm a lady after my own heart. Pour that hot fudge on!

  12. Super easily distracted, so much so that I ran to the garage to get in the car to go get this ice cream, but there were no cars in there. Hubs took off with the car and my daughter with my truck. Oooh I think I'll text them!! Git me some ICE CREAM!!

    1. Bwhahaa Hildie that's awesome. LOL Hope they brought you home some ice cream!

  13. I SO needed this laugh today. Thank you, my friend! :)

  14. Hahaha..i love this post and now I plan to get the ice cream and read Seal of Honor, i am really glad this only comes in pint crack me up!

    1. LOL Thanks for coming by! Yes, I am so with you on that one. Very glad it only comes in a pint! Lordy I'm so in trouble with this one! Hope you have a great week!


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