Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cat Thursday...We're 5!

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So yesterday was herd baby Gladys' birthday! She turned 5 years old. Whew it's flown by! 

I've had Gladys since the day she was born and abandoned with her siblings (without their mom) at one of the local shelters. 

 She's still a tiny thing, sitting in my lap at this very moment, and rules over us all.
Thought I'd share some of her pictures from growing up and some of the more recent ones for today's post :)

She liked making friends when she was a baby. She loved her dogs and the other cats and foster hamsters. Even the hateful turtle we all love.

She's still a screamer.


She's been dressed up on occasion. 

And did not appreciate it.

She LOVES helping me make the bed. She gets all frisky and darts around while the sheets & blankets are set to straights. 

Her siblings have always doted on her. Even if they thought her a "toy" every now and again.

They still dote on her now that she's grown. And she loves the attention :)

She likes to "help" me read. 

She's weird and climbs in my garbage bags. Often. 

My view most mornings when I open my eyes. She can be a little unnerving this up close and personal. 

Alright so that's herd baby. How are your herds this week? Do yall do anything special for birthdays? 

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  1. I adore the look at Gladys, she has so much personality! I suppose we could celebrate adoption days!


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