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Guest Post w/ Rose Gordon + giveaway

Morning Ladies! Today we've got Miss Rose Gordon joining us for a guest post that had me snorting and giggling along the way as I got it all formatted and learned about the incredibly glamorous life of a writer. 

Rose writes historical romances that I think sound pretty delicious. She's got a slew of gorgeous covers too!

So come on and check out her guest post, leave her some love and enter to win a copy of one of her books!

Oh and don't forget! Yall are all more than welcome to comment even if you aren't entering the giveaway :) We want to hear from yall too!


Edward Banks has known most of his life that one day Regina Harris was to be his bride--but somebody forgot to inform her...

An avid academic and aspiring scientist, Edward is pleased to find that he won’t have to bother with the nonsense involved in courting a young lady.

Young and naive, it doesn't take much for her social-climbing father to convince Regina the man she's to marry has requested her hand out of love, but devastates her when she learns the truth.

Now, it's up to a man who's more comfortable in a conservatory than a drawing room to prove to Regina that she's more than just the proverbial sacrificial lamb that helped gain her family their foot in Society's door and that he--if no other gentleman--is trustworthy. But he just might be the one doing the learning as he'll be forced to acknowledge that sometimes the most combustible elements aren't the ones you control, but sometimes the ones you don't.

First of all, I'd like to thank Anna for being brave enough to have me on today. We met through a mutual follower (thank you!) about a month or so ago and she offered me a chance to come on her blog before she knew what a loose cannon I was!

I do promise not to scandalize any of you too much, but there are never any guarantees.

Not so long ago, I received an email from a reader who was surprised I'd written her back and said something about to her mind, and that of many she knew, she thought of authors as *gulp* celebrities. I jokingly asked if that meant we were the good kinds. The ones you don't see plastered to the tabloids, but the good ones who obey the laws, thus making not interesting. Her reply stunned me as she explained, that maybe celebrity was the wrong word, she just imagined our lives as perfect: perfect people, tons of assistants to handle everything for us, leaving the author unapproachable.

Oh dear. If only she knew what my life was really like...

So today, I am going to quite possibly ruin your good image of a romance author and bring myself back down to an equal level:

  • 99% of the time, my clothes don't match, I just throw on whatever I can find. That 1% that they do match, it's only because I have an important meeting. My poor kids don't even get the courtesy of me driving them to school in matching clothes.
  • My husband drives a car we lovingly call the Sonic-mobile due to the unnatural amount of Sonic wrappers that litter the floor.
  • I'm the homeroom mom of my son's Kindergarten class which has involved field trips to the fair with a brood of unruly children, being sprayed with a low-power fire hose, spending hours assembling candy acorns and wrapping empty boxes for a relay, and much, much more.
  • I didn't learn to read without having to sound out words with more than four letters until I was about fifteen.
  • I got my hair chopped really short in January, and unfortunately, I still haven't figured out how to fix it looks like a giant Q-tip.
  • I tell my kids little white lies... “Why yes, dear, my car is so sophisticated it just honks on its own when someone cuts in front of Mommy.”
  • I don't have nearly as much sex as the characters in my books, and it's never anywhere nearly as graceful.
  • I burn more than just soup in my kitchen—in fact, I have a saying, “When it's burning, it's cooking, when it's black, it's done!”
  • Once when I was leading out song service at my church, the guy running the sound-system turned off the microphone... Strangely enough, I was never asked to sing again.
  • I, too, get emails with suggestions (and free offers of pills) to help increase my manhood.
  • I drive a Station wagon.
  • My college degree is in business administration/accounting and for a writing class my final semester, I wrote a poem about taxes.

See, we authors are just everyday people with everyday chaos and struggles, too. We aren't nearly as perfect as we'd like for everyone to think and often give our characters skills we wish we had (at least I do) right along with the flaws we really do have!
~Rose Gordon

I’m an unusually unusual individual who writes for the love of the characters and the story they create. I have an accounting diploma that hangs above my desk,  a box of model rockets in the closet, dozens of history and science textbooks on my bookshelf and even a few “FOR SALE” signs in my garage. To say

I dreamt of being a writer all my life is far from true. But nonetheless, it’s what I enjoy the most.

My stories aren’t your typical cookie cutter Regencies. My heroines have brains, backbones, and are undeniably flawed. As are my heroes. But for as flawed as they are, my heroines are ladies I’d want to be my sisters and my heroes are men I’d want to fall in love with. They might do a jerkish thing every now and then, of course, but as a whole they’re not afraid to fight their feelings for the heroine overmuch.

A couple weeks back Rose in all her awesomeness sent me a handful of copies of His Contract Bride and His Yankee Bride. They're gorgeous and looking for new homes. So one winner today (open int) will get their choice! 

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  1. Your cover is beautiful and who really needs to wear matching clothes. LOL My car is sophisticated like that too but my daughter says It is just saying hello.

    1. Thank you, Kaylyn. Matching clothes are overrated! Although my husband doesn't think so...

      I love your daughter's explanation. It's much nicer than mine!

  2. Your cover is beautiful--i love it!

  3. Hi Anna and Rose. I have to admit Rose you are new to me but Anna has never steered me wrong. And I have to admit this "His Contract Bride" sounds good. So I guess I am going to have to pick it up. I am so happy with these blogs and Anna I can find new people to read. Good luck Rose and now I am going to read yours.

    1. Thank you, Lori. I hope you enjoy it.

  4. ^^ I'm really happy you got well together^^ i just new it would work * happy*
    i don't think and i never did, that author had fabulous easy life...for me it was evident that it took a lot of works and that they were under hard pressure more often that not. however i do see them as model sometimes in the way they are courageous, stay accessible how they can be generous in some cases other wouldn't thought to try to do something... so it's not really teh author but the person that touch me.It's also for that i want to give back ( even if it's just a few words, a small review etc) to the writers, authors i read becaue they gave me at least a small escape, dream time and sometime sit can means a lot in life.

    there are books that without any pretense or expectation did put into words what we needed to read and the time to go on and i think it's good not to forget that. ( it's also for that i guess i don't really like book that show bad behaviour for young people as " model" or "in" sometimes teh impact is greater and teh author never expected someone to follow the example there but it has happened and still happen so i prefer concious authors)

    1. We got along perfect (or at least she keeps her complaints to a minimum! Thank you so much for introducing us.

      You are spot on in your assessment of authors. There is A LOT of pressure not only in what we write, but also in how we behave publicly. It's like we're the unseen role model until we do something stupid. LOL

      Oh, and thank you so much, authors LOVE reviews from their fans and readers. It means a lot to us, so thank you so much.

  5. I agree with this statement: I don't have nearly as much sex as the characters in my books, and it's never anywhere nearly as graceful.
    I feel the same way and that's why I love reading, I can read about the good sex.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

    1. LOL Well, it's true! When I first started reading romance, I was 22 and had been married for more than four years. (My husband and I were also virgins when we married-sorry, TMI, I know, but you'll understand in a minute.) Anyway, when I read the first one that had sex in it, I was almost confused, thinking, "What on earth are we doing wrong? It's never so romantic and graceful (not HIM, the activity itself) in real life." And THAT is where the fantasy part comes in I guess. After taking a human sexuality class, I realized it isn't just me, that's just part of the fantasy of romance books.

  6. LOL Love the interview. For myself, I always imagine authors to be living like in a Leave it to Beaver house. haha I am so in awe because you all do something so well. Something I cant. And I always admire that. :-) Your stories sound terrific. Love historicals and unique characters! lisakhutson(at)cox(dot)net

    1. Thank you! Oh, and no, "Leave it to Beaver" house here. My house is like a train wreck and my kids are as wild as the day is long. But it's a great life and I truly love it.

  7. I love just cus points. :-)

    1. Here's another "just cus" point that definitely takes me down a few pegs:

      I constantly have to buy new underwear because my dog can devour them faster than I can wear them. Yuck!

  8. HI to both Anna and Rose. The interview was great. The Sisters series is on the TBR list, the Groom series has been read and was a very enjoyable read by the way. As for the glamorous life, seems like reality has stopped by to visit quite a bit. So, yeah, they'd definetely be the rockstars.*g*

    1. I'm glad you liked my Groom Series! I hope you like the others just as much.

      Yes, I totally live in reality! I's a bit much at times, but like everyone else, I must get dressed by putting my sweats on one leg at a time.

  9. Very beautiful book cover. I used to think the same way about authors till I started going on author blogs and they would give their daily routines and such. It was always with great humor like yours. Really enjoy hearing about author's lives and how they became authors.
    Sue B

    1. Thanks, Sue.

      One cannot be an author, without some humor (especially about themselves).

      I'm glad you like getting to know "us" better. We are people, too!

  10. Great interview. Rose had me smiling as she usually does with her everyday life that is full of....well if something weird is going to happen, it tends to happen to Rose. I've read all of her books and looking forward to the next one, His Brother's Bride.

    1. Thanks, Judy. I'm glad you liked the interview. I believe I have a large magnet above my head that attracts the weirdos, because you're right, if something could happen to anyone, it will happen to me!

  11. I do love that cover.

    I read author blogs and so I already know that authors have it rough just like all of us do. I used to think it was all glamour all the time and then I got on the internet and found out the Loved this interview, thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Your book sounds GREAT! I haven't had the pleasure to read any of your work yet but it sure does sound really good.

  13. The book sounds great. I know that the life of an author can be tough and I appreciate the hard work that you do so I can sit down and enjoy a great story, so thanks. THe cover is beautiful, by the way

  14. I like your comments. You sound like a fun person to know!

  15. Yeah, Rose has burst my bubble - here I thought an author's life was all feather boas and eating bonbons all day. :D I think His Contract Bride sounds like a great story, I love heroines with brains and backbones, they're the best kind.

  16. Lol, funny post, thank you Rose. My credo is: dinner is ready when the smoke alarm goes off. I also have this sign on my wall:
    I serve three meals: frozen, microwave, take-out.

    I think only the very famous authors have assistants who takes care of their daily chores, and help with the fanmail. I think I would enjoy a job like that.

    The blurb for the book sounds good, just what I like to find in my historical romances.

  17. You're a new author for me. I will definitely have to get started on your books. They sound really good. Awesome cover.
    Thanks so much.


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