Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Surrender to Chance (King's Bluff, Wyoming #3) by Fiona Archer

Mmmm yummy double cocked fun :) Okay, not double cocked...exactly..that would be Elizabeth Amber...there were no double hung heroes in Surrender to Chance but there are two sexy heroes and one verra verra lucky heroine they both wanted to use their, erm,  goods on. heh

Okay so the quick of it is that Olivia has gone back home after some messy life stuff and is in need of a bit of a do-over and that do-over lands her working for two rather captivating brothers--Kane and Alex. One rather charming and one rocking some brood and both with an extra helping of dominant male in them. And, really, resistance is just futile so as it was put...'you've heard of carpe diem? Call this carpe cutie' and so she did. lol

Monday, July 27, 2015

July 28th Book Deals!! {New Releases, Pre-Orders, Sales & Freebies}

All kinds of goodies today! New Releases, Pre-Orders, Sales & some Freebies too!

Quote-tastic/Review--Miss me?!--The Bourbon Kings by J.R. Ward

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 Soooo the long awaited release of The Bourbon Kings from JR Ward is what we're all about today. This cover...totally made me drool. Inside it....not quite what I was expecting though riviting nonetheless. Two quotes today. One that made me sign and one that gave me a good gigglesnort...

Okay so this first one. Lane's been away from home for a few years and he's finally back and seeing his family and the staff and such again and this just cracked me up...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Interview w/ Jennifer Lyon-- wine, chocolate, puppies & alpha males. *noms*

Hey guys! Alright so today we have Jennifer Lyon joining us! Woots! She's one of the authors I VA for and so much fun. I've not read her as Jennifer Lyon yet but omg her Jennifer Apodaca books? Lurves! Anywho. She's rocking her Lyon side today so come and join us for a drink and a nibble and a little gossip about Caged Magic :)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Friday, July 24, 2015

Dragon Fall (Black Dragons #1) by Katie MacAlister

 Dragon Fall was a fun revisit into the world of her Dragon Septs and all their growly, quirky, arrogant splendor. The quick of it is that 2 years ago Aoife saw a guy get killed...and then come back from the dead. And she kind of flipped her shit and wound up in a mental hospital until they could get her back to the land of the non-crazy. She's finally been released (woohoo!) and things are going great until... a talking demon dog and a bunch of angry dragons show up front and center. One she's got all kinds of lusty thoughts about and a pack of them that are trying to kill her lustworthy dragon. While it wasn't the perfect read it was a fun little dragony romp as the dragons try to break a curse that's been laid down and prevents the different dragon septs from being anywhere near each other without trying to kill or maim one another. So. 5 things about Dragon Fall.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cat Thursday w/ Jeffe Kennedy-- Oh, the cute!

Hey guys! We're getting meme-jacked today by the lovely Jeffe Kennedy. She's got a new hot read out...Under Contract but today she's totally spilling on her two gorgeous herd babes, Jackson and Isabel. Come check it out and leave her some comment love :) ~anna

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bites & Nibbles-A Quickie Review-Harmonized by Mary Behre

Yay! *bounces up and down* I love this series from Behre so a little snackish novella to tide me over until the next full length...yes, please!  A bit of light suspense, a second chance romance, a little touch of heat and one seriously nom-ish cop. Mmmm. Yes. Harmonized hit all the right notes.

The quick of it is that years ago Karma and Zig had been an item and then she just...disappeared. But all these years later she walks into his squad room in desperate need of help. Her friend nearly died and everyone thinks her baby son was killed. But Karma--who can see auras--is sure he's out there and needs help finding him before it's too late.

The Art of Sinning (Sinful Suitors #1) by Sabrina Jeffries

Oh oh! One of my American in England and dealing with all the stuffiness of the ton. An artist, no less! Heh. It's so fun seeing one of those 'crazy American' among the ton. And The Art of Sinning...such a very good time!

The quick of it is that Yvette is in need of a husband...according to her big brother and he's decided to hire a famous painter to do up her portrait in hopes of getting her a bit more notice on the marriage mart. Though the painter in question has another idea of how to immortalize the lovely Yvette in paints and can't help but strike up a deal with her as well. One that'll bring them scandalously close together (yay) as his vision becomes reality and he helps her with her side of the bargain...a trip into the brothels.

Soooo 5 Things about The Art of Sinning.

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