Sunday, June 25, 2017

And So We Meme-- The Bestest of the Best so far This Year!

Woots! A new week! This past one was super busy with a book release on the work front and Silent Book Club plus a couple blogging events. It was a pretty good week, though. The herd is doing well *knock on wood* and reading is going fab *knock on wood a second time* lol

So some memes for today! I want to do ALL THE MEMES!!!
But can only do one day on the blog. So they're all in one! Yep!
You might have to scroll down the post just a little to find the one you're looking for 😸

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Friday, June 23, 2017

4 stars-- Every Crooked Nanny, To Live and Die in Dixie & Homemade Sin by Kathy Hogan Trocheck


I picked up my first from Kathy Hogan Trocheck aka Mary Kay Andrews when browsing audio books at my library. They had cute covers and I was up for some mystery so... I jumped in. And had a blast!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

3.5 stars-- Holding on Tighter (Wicked Lovers #12) by Shayla Black

So. Holding on Tighter. It started rough. And it ended rough. But the middle bits were good! lol I read this one back in February then promptly forgot to review it other than that. Erms. Blogger fail, moment! Ha!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

3.5 stars-- Silence Fallen (Mercy Thompson #10) by Patricia Briggs

Woohoo! I finally finished Silence Fallen. And it only took me...3 months. Erms!

I struggled really hard with the first 45% of Silence Fallen and ended up putting it on my temp DNF shelf because it just wasn't working for me earlier this year. It wasn't the book, though. It was me trying to force read it in time for release day when I really wasn't in a mood for PNR/UF. And that always goes poorly.

Buy The Book-- New Releases, Sales, Freebies + Amazon Random Finds

Holy cow. There are a LOT of new releases this week. SOO man good looking ones. I loved Lyon's (she's one of the authors I work for) and can't wait to dive into the Shalvis and O'Keefe. They're both fantastic.

Covers link to Amazon. Let me know what you grab! Oh and there's some cool random non book finds way at the bottom :)

Monday, June 19, 2017

And So We Meme-- Father's Day Freebie-- Wanna Be My... Daddy? *winks*

I only do one meme post a week so you might need to scroll own to find the one you're looking for. I couldn't resist all the pretty memes. lol

On the home and blog front this week! Yall I'm already tired and it's only 630am on Monday. Ha! I had so much peopling this past week (one big thing near every day) and one of the authors I work for has a book release today so it's been crazy! All good stuff just really busy. Whew! I'm ready for a nap or two. But And meme-ing!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Get Social Wrap Up! + Questionnaire

Whew! So two weeks went by really really fast! I hope everyone had a great time and met some new bloggers to hang out with.

I thought I'd do a wrap up post with a couple thoughts and such :)

Tasty Delights-- Green Farro Bowl

omg food noms! food noms!

This one might not look like much but it was delicious! Everything about it was tasty. And it was very easy to make. Again, courtesy of HelloFresh-- yeah they come up with some great recipes!

I'm really loving recipes that look or sound fancy but are so simple to make. This would be great during the summer when zucchini is in abundance!

Friday, June 16, 2017

3.5 stars-- The Warrior (Brotherhood/MacAllister #7) by Kinley MacGregor

You know how sometimes you wind up needing to read a book with the horse on the cover? No? Just me?

Well, that's how I ended up with The Warrior. And it was a pretty fun enemies to lovers romance as Loclan and Cat--whose absentee father is trying to kidnap her--are forced to trust and rely on each matter how much it grates. Lordy but I love that storyline.

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