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Drop Dead, Gorgeous! (Gorgeous #2) by MaryJanice Davidson

Ah, weddings -- every single woman's reminder that she'll probably die alone, covered in cat hair and dressed in unflattering sweatpants. And as far as bad wedding experiences go, my friend Stacy's could take the cake. 1) I'm dateless 2) I'm a bridesmaid, and 3) Someone just attempted to whack the groom (known, no kidding, as The Boss) in the middle of the ceremony. Whoa -- hang on. I might not relish reception food or doing the Electric Slide, but anyone who tries to ruin a girlfriend's big day by bumping off her true love will have to go through me first. 

So now I, assistant hairdresser Jenny Branch, am helping to hunt down a real-life bad guy, and the prime suspect is Kevin Stone, who claims to be working undercover for a group called Covert Ops Protection. Riiiight. All of this is hard to believe -- my new role as spy-in-training, the fact that I'm surrounded by people with freaky superhuman powers, and most of all, the way that this unbelievably sexy villain/double agent/whatever Kevin is makes every (and I mean every) nerve-ending tingle the second he comes into view -- and it appears to be mutual. Living with flying bullets and constant danger is a long way from sweeping up hair at the end of the day. But if it means being around Kevin, a girl could get used to it...

Type: Paranormal Romance/Chick Lit
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 2 out of 5

Yes, I know. I keep torturing myself with MaryJanice Davidson. I don't know what's wrong with me but I just can't seem to give her up and, well, I wanted to see how this series ended. Drop Dead, Gorgeous! actually wasn't a bad follow up to Hello, Gorgeous but having finished it I still don't really know what the point of the whole thing was other than getting everyone together by the end of the story. 

That said, I enjoyed Drop Dead, Gorgeous! a lot more than the previous book mainly because the heroine and hero weren't as immature and crass as the previous characters and we actually got a little background into their family histories and why they ended up how they were. I liked both Jenny, the assistant hairdresser that's looking for adventure in her life, and Kevin, the undercover agent who'd been forgotten by all of his superiors for years and thought hey fit together nicely. A little quirky and funny but not over the top annoying or crass. I loved that Kevin, the big strong, tough agent was freaked out by snakes. Was kinda cute. 

"This is where they keep the cobras and the rattlers and the cottonmouths." In the poor glow of the penlight, he looked poistively green. "Ugh!" 
"Kevin, calm down. It's off-season--there aren't any snakes in here at all." 
"Maybe one got away. Maybe it's lurking in the dark ready to bite our feet--" 
"You're afraid of snakes? You?" 
"They wait," he said, and she could hear how his voice shook. She had to think about bullets and Dr. Loman and Charmer's hadns to keep from laughing. "They bite in the dark." 
"I just--hate them. They give me the fu--the creeps. They're not like a dog. You can't train 'em." 
"You never heard the old 'they're more scared of you than you are of them' thing?" 
"That," he replied, "would be impossible." 
She took his hand, which was cold, and rubbed the knuckles. "We won't stay here long," she soothed. "Just until the patrol leaves." 
He shuddered and didn't answer.
The premise was the two of them going back undercover into a splinter cell that was causing trouble and finding who was behind the whole thing. The plot was a little light and honestly the bad guy was pretty weak. Ridiculous really and left me rolling my eyes doing the whole "seriously?! that was the reason for all of this?!!" Ah well. Wasn't expecting my world to be changed from this one ;) It was decent fluff with enough actual humor and interaction between the characters to keep me entertained for a couple hours. Would be good for a weekend beach read where you just want something light and fluffy that doesn't need too much concentration. 

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Do you have an author you just can't quit? Do you like adding in a mindless, light read now and again? Or do you try to avoid books like this one?


  1. This sounds sort of cute but I tired of Davidson after about the 4th or 5th Betsy the Vampire book. It sounds as if she's still writing the same sort of stuff.

    1. Yeah I'm there with you on that. This one was kinda cute but really if you've read the Betsy ones you've read this one. They're so incredibly similar.

    2. LOL, I'll skip this one then. I have too much to read as it is.


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