Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sexy Little Surprises by J.C. Daniels

After ten years in, Alexis Marshall thinks her marriage is over. Maybe it doesn't matter that she still loves her husband, still dreams of him, still aches for him…maybe it doesn't matter that her entire body longs for him…

But before she walks away, she going to try one more time to see if there is anything left. She’s pulling out all the stops. Sexy surprises, sweet seductions, provocative promises. Anything to remind him—and herself—of what they had together before an unexpected heartbreak tore them apart.

She’s not ready to let go of her marriage. And she’s out to seduce her husband and make him realize that some things are worth fighting for.

Type: Erotica/Romance, Novella, around 50 pages
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 3 out of 5
Also writes as: Shiloh Walker
 “You know, I'm terribly pleased to hear you're barking and snarling when you think some tramp is sending you sexy little surprises," she teased. "But since I'm the tramp...can you maybe come in the room?"
Novellas can be a difficult thing. Not all authors can introduce readers to a new world and flesh it out enough to leave them feeling invested in the characters and their lives in so few pages. I think J.C. Daniels managed to do a pretty good job of drawing the reader in and getting them to care about how things turned out for the people involved. Sexy Little Surprises is a fairly serious read about a couple who find themselves at their 10 year anniversary not celebrating but struggling to keep their marriage together instead. This really isn't a light-hearted read but a very touching and emotional short story of two people who have drifted apart after suffering a terrible loss but still love each other deeply and are determined to find a way to save their lives together.

One thing I really liked was that the efforts weren't completely one sided. While Alexis may have set out to seduce her husband and remind him of how things used to be Garrett was just as desperate to change things and save their marriage as she was. 

There was a nice mix of hot, spicy intimate moments, both past and present, a bit of humor with the sexy surprises Alexis leaves for her husband and the two actually talking things out and dealing with their past losses and how they got to this point in their lives. Personally I would have liked a longer story and a bit more time with the couple but this wasn't bad for a nice quick read between books. 

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How do you feel about novellas? Are they worth the price? Do you like getting to sample a smaller piece of work by a new author before committing to a full length novel? 

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