Friday, June 8, 2012

Smart Mouth by Erin McCarthy

"I'll leave as soon as you give me what I want."

In another time and place, that might have a nice ring to it. But standing in a Chicago hotel room with a cub reporter as obstinate as she is hot, FBI agent Derek Knight knows he has to play it charming. Something like, "By holding on to that evidence, you're interfering with FBI business, ma'am, and by the way, those long, gorgeous legs of yours would look awfully good wrapped around my..." Sure, losing all sense of professionalism may not help his career, but the off-duty perks would be sensational...

"Yeah, right, you're an FBI agent. And I can bake a cake from scratch."

Reese Hampton is not giving up the envelope she found in her rental car--the one with the story that could take her from journalistic Siberia straight to the front page. She'll just have to outsmart the certifiably insane Fed with the movie-star good looks. Dodge and weave. Distract and bed. No! Bad hormones, bad! Still, spending time with that unbelievably broad chest up close and personal might just add, um, depth to her story. If only she can let her robe down while keeping her guard up...

Type: Romance, Chick-Lit
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 2 out of 5

Okay, yall know I love Jill Shalvis. She's become one of my favorite authors and I've really enjoyed almost everything I've read of hers but gotta admit this wasn't one of my favorites. The basic premise was great. A down on his luck FBI agent, Derek Knight, who is on the verge of taking down a group of corrupt drug companies but runs into a couple complications, namely reporter Reese Hampton who wants to break the story and advance her career. The main characters were nice. I really liked Derek who is 10 years older than Reese and doesn't have the smoothest moves but is rather sweet and endearing. There's a big age difference between the two but that doesn't usually bother me. Reese, though I liked her in general, was rather immature and just didn't think things through which I found rather frustrating. She couldn't seem to grasp how her interference and determination to break the story NOW would damage the case and likely let the bad guys get away. She came across rather thoughtless towards Derek and a bit selfish in that regard. 

There's a serious case of insta-lust going on between the two from the very start. And the next 269 pages were basically a sexfest for the two with the FBI investigation against the drug companies playing a very, very small role. Every other page these two were going at it like horny teenagers. There was also a really odd scene where they brought Derek's gun into the play that was just....weird and kinda creeped me out . It sure worked for them though. But damn it was just so bizarre. 

I think my main disappointment was that while McCarthy's books usually have the hot and steamy going on in them the storyline is balanced out nicely with an actual relationship outside the sheets or or a decent plotline. This one leaned just a little too heavily towards that bedroom and didn't have enough other stuff going on to keep me all that interestd interested. While this wasn't my favorite read it would be great for a beach read where you just want a good romp and not too much of a plot. 

Have any of yall read this one? What did you think? 

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