Monday, May 6, 2013

Quote-Tastic (1)... and so it begins...

Woot! And so it begins...a new Meme for the blog. Quote-tastic! I LOVE quotes and thought it would be fun to start doing a weekly feature with some of my favorites. 

So every Monday I'll share either a past favorite that tickled me or something from what I'm reading now

Yall are all welcome to join in.

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"You wearing the black ones?" Tez asked, as if he didn't even hear me.

I gaped at him.

His gaze dropped to my waist and he spent an inordinate amount of time perusing my southern region. "'Cause I really liked those."

"Must you insist on embarrassing me?" I hissed.

"I dunno. Are you really embarrassed?"

I wasn't. Not much. I was actually both irritated and thrilled that he flirted so outrageously with me and didn't care who was watching. Then I had another flash of insight: He was letting Damien know of his interest in me. It was the testosterone-filled equivalent of yelling, "Dibs!"

Now I was completely irritated.

"Cotton panties, full-cheek coverage," I said, plopping the ice bag into his hand. "Beige. With an extra-wide waistband."

"You are a cruel woman." ~Tez and Elizabeth

I freaking loved this book. It's my favorite from Bardsley and hilarious and so damn sexy. Tez is a total dirty talking shifter to Elizabeth's prim & proper vampire self. Damn fun combo. My review is up here if you wanna check it out.


So, dearlings, come on and join in and share one of your favorite quotes! 

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