Monday, May 13, 2013

Quote-Tastic (2) - growing aliens...

This one is simple and just about sharing your favorite quotes and the books they come from!

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Since yesterday was Mother's picture this with the hero having that delicious Irish lilt that makes you squirm a bit...
He stepped to her again, laid his lips on her brow. "But I want children with you, my lovely Eve. One day."

"One day being far, far in the future. Like, I don't know, say a decade when...Hold on. Children is plural."

He eased back, grinned. "Why, so it is--nothing slips by my canny cop."

"You really think if I ever actually let you plant something in me--they're like aliens in there, growing little hands and feet." She shuddered. "Creepy. If I ever did that, popped a kid out--which I think is probably as pleasant a process as having your eyeballs pierced by burning, poisonous sticks, I'd say, 'Whoopee, let's do this again?' Have you recently suffered head trauma?"

"Not to my knowledge."

"Could be coming. Any second.”  ~Roarke and Eve

I just love this series. It's my absolute favorite series, hero, heroine, couple, secondary characters. You name it. 36 books so far and I've loved every single one of them. Eve. Lord love her. The woman says what she's thinking even when it's not, um, the socially acceptable thought? LOL And more often than not I'm right there with her ;) And Roarke? How could you not love a tall, dark, handsome and rich god of a man that has an Irish lilt? I dare you to not go *thud* over him ;)

So, what's your favorite quote this week? 

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