Saturday, September 9, 2017

Insta--Catching Up

Yeah. It's been a whole month since I did an InstaWednesday post. Lordy but August was a rough one. I think I actually formatted only one post in all of August so I'm...behind. lol Good news is my eyes seem to be mending! And with yet another new prescription I should be able to see normally again. OMG you guys! I'm so excited! New glasses will be in on the 18th!

With that said...what I've been up to this past month...

ZoraCat was all...'but where are the kitteh?!!! Fine, fine, we reads about some herd puppies. Theys cute, too. Kinda.'

A pretty new read from Sourcebooks and Debbie Burns. 
This one looks so cute!

Helping mom sort things. She's so demanding of my time. -BabyG

Kittening is hard work! Getting ready for the new week.
Again, mom needed help. ~BabyG

Miss Cleo helped me plan. BabyG was not pleased by this. That is HER job. lol

New hair! Still pretty long but 4-5 inches off.

Rocking some princess vibes while her mama makes the bed. lol

Sometimes things get a little scary and you need to hold your mama's hand.

It had been weeks since I lettered. Decided it was time to jump back in :) BabyG is keeping a close eye on her newest @jaciburton book. She loves herself some sexy footballers. #MyCatReadsSmut 
Thanks to penguin for the review op!

#ThisIsHowWeBlog #EverHelpful #BabyG #BloggerCat

What do you mean 'No, BabyG you can't come.'?! I fits!

A little preview of the total eclipse in SC post. I eventually really will do an actual post. Probably. lol

How you know you're loved. Mom brought me Sonny's BBQ sauce and paper towel rolls for the #HerdMice #ThisWasMyBirthdayPresent 

We celebrated my birthday a week early while we were in SC. Mom got me a piggy cake from Piggly Wiggly. lol

The week of the eclipse and catching up!

Soooooo. How's *your* day going?! Had some testing done back in August for my eyes. Ooch!

Someone *cough* #BabyG *cough* decided I needed help working on the auction listings for the #SupportTheTroopsAuction lol

That face. It's my favorite. ❤😺

So I'm doing a thing. I decided to take a picture of me every day of my 35th year.  With no filters or editing (eek!) I rarely take pictures of me so it's been a little struggle but so far I've managed. Some just at home (usually before bed because I've forgotten all day) and some while out and about doing things. So starting August 29th. Day 4 my eyes were killing me and whew you can tell they were done for the night.

When it's Wed afternoon and you're like okay maybe I should sit down and get my shit together. Maybe. lol

Because it's August (or was at the time lol). So, yeah.

Another eventual post but... I saw Ed Sheeran live! Ro and I went. It was a great time. James Blunt opened. He was hilarious. And Ed was just stunningly amazing. Best concert I've been to, I think.

Totally laughing at the #readwriteplan challenge on Instagram and everyone's work spaces. They're all gorgeous and classy. And I'm over here like, yeah, I'm in my PJs and have cats. But the sheets are clean! #iworkinbed #mywork #totallycasual

Planning the week. I may be bribing myself to get things done. lol #readwriteplan #beforethepen

Really, Cary? Do you know how far inland you are?! lol
We aren't getting hit by the hurricane. We'll have maybe 40mph winds and a couple inches of rain. And the shelves were totally cleared the next day. Even the $4 a gallon jugs. smh

A new review addition.

When you're only just barely tolerating your human.

And when you decide you've maybe forgiven her for abandoning you in August and then pink harnesses. 

These are the dates I've finished books in 2017. You can really tell where my eyes started giving me trouble... So far I think I've only finished 2 in September. Both audiobooks. And one I'd started in August. It's been real bad, yall.

When you're feeling a little sad and a little lonely and you get a surprise package from a friend that makes you laugh and then cry because it's awesome. And such a good reminder that you know wonderful people even if they don't live where you do. And life isn't awful even on bad days. I got three wonderful "cake day" gifts from friends that really cheered me up. Yummies from Angela, a mermaid blanket from Kelly and crafty goodness from Ro. 

How you hurricane prep when you have a herd. #MamasNotMessingAround

If you do a photo post on your blog, FB, etc feel free to link yourself in :)

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