Wednesday, September 20, 2017

4 stars-- Lady Eleanor's Seventh Suitor (The Sutherland Sisters #1) by Anna Bradley

Sometimes a hero just needs to be stabbed.

Quick of it? Cam is a wanker.

He's decided he's going to marry Lady Eleanor and he's not above blackmail. He's got his reasons. I mean, they're wankerish reasons but still he's got his reasons. Eleanor, though, wants to marry for love and some upstart businessman trying to force her hand? Oh hells to the no. She's going to fight back and make him sorry he ever set his eyes on her gorgeous yet thoroughly pissed off hand.

Okay. So. Yes. I was fully on board with a Cam stabbing. I mean. Pretty much starting on page one. And at 28%. 56%. At 70% I started to waffle on my Cam stabbing desires. Just a little. Lordy, yall. But somehow even with his stab-able state Cam won me over. He does have a good heart. He just makes stupid decisions in trying to right some wrongs. Stupid, yall. STUPID. And he hides that good heart real fucking well.

Eleanor, I loved. She knew herself. Knew what she wanted and was willing to fight for herself and her future. She's a good woman who's not been lucky in love. Has a rep of being ice cold but really has a warm heart and kind spirit. I enjoyed her and rooted for her the entire time. I was all 'stab that historical fucker! Stab him! I will bail you out!' #Really

The romance. Whewboy. Yeah, this was not an easy romance. #UnderstatementOfTheYear These two butt heads, they fight, they blackmail and scheme and have a good hate-on for each other. Buuuuuut as they carried on over the weeks and he "courted" her (her stipulation for tolerating his blackmail marriage proposal) you could see tiny bits of caring start up and little hints peek out and it worked. Somehow by the end it worked. There's some nice chemistry and a little heat and in the end it was a pretty sweet coming together and I DID want them to figure things out and get their happily ever after. Hell if I know how Bradley managed that but she did. Impressive, right? lol

All in all, Lady Eleanor's Seventh Suitor was a unique and interesting ride. I don't think many authors could have pulled off this romance and converted me from stabbing encourager to reader-in-a-swoon. Nicely done and all that. Now I'm ready for book 2!
There have been six suitors so far, all vying for the attention—and generous dowry—of the beautiful, elusive Eleanor Sutherland. What does this woman really want? Who has what it takes to melt the heart of the so-called Lady Ice? These are the questions Camden West keeps asking himself. But rather than wait for answers, Cam takes matters into his own hands . . . for he has a secret weapon.

Cam knows that Ellie’s sister, Charlotte, harbors a scandalous secret—one that could bring ruin to the Sutherland name. If Ellie marries him, Cam promises to keep mum. But is she willing to sacrifice her own happiness for her sister’s reputation?

To Ellie’s surprise, it becomes clear that Cam doesn’t need her money, nor is he interested in her status. Soon, what begins as a sham engagement transforms into something deeper, and more passionate, than Ellie could have imagined. Is it possible that all Cam truly wanted was her? And is that reason enough to say yes—or is handsome Cam hiding something else? Even for a lady in love, only the truth will do . . .

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