Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Monthly Herd-- September-- Good Night this Month!

It's Fall!!! I love the fall. I'm ready for temps to drop, trees to go all red and yellow and golden. Hot chocolate and fires in the fireplace. Heaven! If only NC would get totally on board and stop with these 85+ days. lol

So what's been going on:

Home front:
  • The eyes...still aren't fixed. The glasses update we'd hoped would fix things...didn't. Ahhh! But it's okay. Things will just have to go slower. They are improving but it's gonna take a while still. 
  • We had a kitty scare when Addi reacted badly to flea meds. We're now attempting these godawful expensive flea collars that will hopefully not land us in the kitty-er again. She's fine now but it was a long week with an unhappy girl
  • Ed Sheeran!! Yall! I got to see Ed Sheeran live! Ro from In the Know with Ro went with me. I still need to do the post on that but it was fantastic. 
  • Family all made it through the hurricanes with minimal issues. Just power loss but debris. We were lucky! 
  • Rebates! I've been getting into these. I love getting money back from things I'm already going to buy. Two I'm using are Ibotta and ebates. Both are free to use and super easy.
Ibotta-- This gives you money back on groceries. You just scan your receipt after and pick the rebates that match. I've made a bit over $200 since I started a couple months ago. Love it. Sign Up: HERE

eBates-- This gives you money back on online purchases. I've had it a while but ignored it. But now that I'm actually using it it's great. I've made $51.25 back this month with it. (freezer, pet meds, craft store, etc) Sign Up: HERE

Blog front:
  • I think I formatted 3 posts this month. Woo! It was nice to actually do some blogging again. I skipped a handful of days but honestly it was more because I didn't want people commenting. lol

  • I have been making blog rounds! I'm way behind so if I haven't been by to see you recently I'll be there shortly. It's just taking me a while to get caught up :)

BLOG AHEAD!! It starts tomorrow!
All bloggers are welcome. More info HERE

I had a handful of reviews go live. I think it's the lowest I've ever had post in a month since the blog started. lol Thankfully I'd gotten at least these read pre-eye issue. Woo! Most were okay to pretty good. My new to me

Covers link to reviews.

Total Reviews: 9
New to Me Authors: 1
Favorite Read: Chasing Christmas Eve
Towards Challenges: 9


Again. It was light this month. I did some meme-ing but that's about it.

A couple tasty noms! I'm enjoying trying new foods even if the posts aren't as popular now that the foods are healthier. lol It's been an interesting change in the kitchen.

On that note! We do now have a FB group called Eat Me. We're sharing what we're cooking, food struggles, etc. Yall are welcome to join. It's a fairly small group and hoping everyone that joins will be an active member :)


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