Wednesday, June 27, 2018

InstaWednesday-- The One With Lots of Cleo (plus a couple other things)

Note: I accidentally deleted 6 months of the blog so this is a repost. All comments on the original posts were unfortunately lost. Sorry!

It's been a long month yall. lol Two sick herd babes and working around the house and trying to deal with summer. I am not a summer person. Not. A. Summer. Person. Ha!

 My girl is happy. It was finally warm enough for her to use her window bed (mid-May). She didn't move for hours. lol

(she's spent most of the past month in that exact same spot)


After our 4am feedings Sid always needs a snuggle. 🍼😺All the other feedings she's off as soon as it's done but 4am means mama baby time and she curls up purring until she falls asleep. She's being so good about it all.

She's doing decent. Her feeding tube is long gone but she's still got some mental issues. She's older and I think dementia. But she's gaining weight and much better.

Hello. My name is Cleo Cade. My mommy loves me. Even if I managed to turn a $50 vet visit into a $200 vet visit because I gave myself a panic attack on the way and had to have oxygen therapy and a sedative to calm me down. I even got comfort Friskies for the trip home. 

This is why I use ibotta! I've actually broken $1000 back (since taking the screen shot) in less than a year for just buying groceries. If you want to check it out my referral link is HERE.

Visiting my girl. ❤

She's so damn cute. ❤😺🤗
G has been having a hard time with everyone else getting her attention. lol

Trying to find some calm in this crazy week/month.

This is how I woke up that morning. 
She's demanding even when I'm sleeping. lol Wanted to be held while she watched out the window.

Herd baby perfection. Cleo jumped up on the bed for a little mama baby time which is rare these days. Trying to keep her comfortable until Tuesday for her surgery. I am one seriously nervous catmom.


She was not amused. lol

One house project had been tackled. My mailbox flower bed had gotten out of hand this last month. We're now pruned, weeded, mulched and painted. Flowers are growing in nicely this past 2 weeks and the bold color is growing on me.

Welp. There's a new cell phone. Took me like 8 hours to get all the settings fixed up again.

My donations for May/June for the USO and food pantry. Hot sauce and mixations are going to a friend but everything else donated. All completely free after coupons/rebates (actually made a couple bucks lol) #CouponForACause

Plus 12 detergents (99cents), 5 ken's dressings, 1 sargento sliced cheese, 1 ice cream, 2 lemonade/orange juices that I gave away at the first couponing class I taught.

My girl is an absolute warrior! Getting some chin rubs on our first visit. She's holding her own and had her chest tube removed. Waiting for an update from the vet but the nurse seemed real happy with how she's doing. 


Yall this girl! She's 53 hours post op. I was SO nervous holding her for the first time. I didn't want to accidentally hurt her. And then once she got home.

It was 10pm and I decided I needed food other than muffins. Carbs and cheese. Pesto, onions and green pepper so I could count it in the adulting win column. 

Mom says I'm giving her grey hairs. #IWillOnlyPooAtTheVet

My first tomatoes. And some basil. Yay my garden is growing!

Apparently '3am Anna' had an urgent need for a litter scooper, 12 forks and an oven mitt. And Amazon was all I gotchu boo, be there in a few hours.

So like 6 months ago that tiny sticker near the top right appeared. And then a week or so later the top left. And now here we are. Honestly it's the best part of Monday and coming to the USO and seeing what new stockers will have arrived...

She was not amused. But the vet said she looks amazing. Not bad for a 15 year old who had her chest cracked. We're now at 2 weeks 12ish hours post op. She's since had a nap and a wet food treat to make up for her vet visit. lol

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