Friday, June 8, 2018

[memes] Oh I Want to go There! + my reading week

I wanted to meme. And only had one weekly post to do it. So there's a whole lotta memeage happening in this post. You might have to scroll down a bit to get the one you're looking for. 😸

So life is still crazy.
  • One herd babe is doing good. The other is going in for a risky surgery Tuesday. Would appreciate any prayers and good thoughts for my girl Cleo. Until then we're loving on her as much as she'll allow.
  • I've taken a huge step back on the blog and social media this past 2 weeks so I could deal with everything. I'm slowly getting around to visits again. *waves*
  • I am getting some reading in which is nice. I just need to write like 20 reviews now. Oops! lol


I took on my first review books since...April 18th. Yall what a weird book year it's been. I accepted 3 and managed to read them all, too! Yay me!


Hot Winter Nights-- Love me some Shalvis and the office manager and her brother's best friend? Yep! Loved it. Some nice suspense added in, too

Loving Irish-- Was interesting. The hero is a recovering alcoholic. It was a good book seeing him 6 months in and making amends. Some hard moments as he confronted a girl he loved from his past. Very good, though. 

Fighting Irish-- Aw so good. Hero and heroine had been at the same camp as teens and crushing on each other but never spoke. Now a decade later he's helping to...plan her wedding. Erms. Yeah there was a little drama but it was good. 

I snagged some freebies and To the Bridge was my Prime June freebie

Cowboy SEAL Redemption by Nicole Helm

hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top Ten: Books That Awakened the Travel Bug In Me 

Pretty much all books set in Ireland or Scotland? lol Regency London. I could totally go fr a visit. I've been to many other spots in Europe and I'd go again but it's not a huge pull for me now. But Ireland and Scotland? Ahhh I've missed out so far. lol

So, yeah, they're all historicals except Kiss of the Irish which is set in a quaint pub I'd love to visit. Heh


Question: What author have you read the most in the past two years?
A: Katy Regnery. Really just this year. I've read like 10  12 of her books this year (she's a new to me). Then maybe Maisey Yates. Aaaaand Jill Shalvis. I've read 7 of hers this past month. lol I might have gone on a binge.

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