Saturday, February 11, 2012

Copper Beach (Dark Legacy #1) by Jayne Ann Krentz

Within the pages of very rare books some centuries old lie the secrets of the paranormal. Abby Radwell's unusual psychic talent has made her an expert in such volumes-and sometimes taken her into dangerous territory. After a deadly incident in the private library of an obsessive collector, Abby receives a blackmail threat, and rumors swirl that an old alchemical text known as The Key has reappeared on the black market.

Convinced that she needs an investigator who can also play bodyguard, she hires Sam Coppersmith, a specialist in paranormal crystals and amber-"hot rocks." Passion flares immediately between them, but neither entirely trusts the other. When it comes to dealing with a killer who has paranormal abilities, and a blackmailer who will stop at nothing to obtain an ancient alchemical code, no one is safe.
Type: Contemporary Romance, Slight Paranormal Aspect
Heat: 2 out of 5
Rating: 2 out of 5

I love Jayne Ann Krentz. Absolutely love her books as Krentz and Amanda Quick. I was so stinking excited when I heard there was a new series coming out and that it would be a paranormal. Unfortunately I didn't really love this one. Maybe I built it up too much? No clue but it just didn't do anything for me or have that little something I love about her stories and writing. 

The storyline itself wasn't bad but I was expecting something new. This felt so much like the Arcane Society series. Same paranormal ideas, phrases, etc. It could easily be added to that series and you wouldn't really question it other than the family connects through the generations were absent. Abby and Sam were likable enough but I never felt the spark between them that was apparently there from the very start. They felt forced and like they were only being pushed together as a couple so we could get a couple steamy scenes. They did work well together though and I liked them as a team. This is one case though where I think they would have made better working partners than a couple and it would have been more believable. The side characters left a lot to be desired. Usually I enjoy the secondary characters and how they add to the story but these all fell flat. Her family was pretty awful and though his family was supposed to be likable I didn't feel a thing for them. Her friends left me with an 'eh' feeling too.  They weren't in the picture all that much but in other books by Krentz/Quick where characters have just had brief appearances I've been more intrigued and left wanting to find out more about them.

Copper Beach was decent enough even though it did seem somewhat familiar. The hunt for a decades old lab notebook that was extremely dangerous and could only be opened by Abby and her talent. Sam coming in to protect her from everyone looking to use her to open the book. It was really predictable though. The surprises weren't all that surprising and everything rather easy to put together. Overall I just wan't impressed with this book at all. I didn't feel connected to the characters or their journey. I'm just glad it was a quick read and I can move on. I'll still probably pick up the next one in the series just to see if this was a fluke and hopefully it will be. This was a hard review to write since I hate to give one of my favorite authors a negative review but so far this is my least favorite of JAK's books and was quite the let down.

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