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Kiss of Fury (Dragonfire #2) by Deborah Cooke

Alexandra Madison has discovered an invention that could change the world. When her partner is murdered and their lab destroyed, Alex knows she has to rebuild her prototype in time...

Donovan Shea knows the Madison project is of dire importance to the ongoing Pyr/Slayer war. So when he sees Alex being followed by a Slayer, he reacts and defends her, never imagining that she’s his destined mate...

As Slayers close in on their prey, Donovan knows he'’ll surrender his life to protect Alex—and lose his heart to possess her...

Type: Paranormal Romance, Shifters (Dragons)
Heat: 2.5 out of 5
Rating: 3 out of 5

The battle between Pyr and Slayer continues! This time Alex Madison is caught in the crossfires. She's invented an earth friendly car that's soon to be debuted and is key to saving the earth. On top of that it turns out she's Donovan's destined mate. Basically she's everything the slayers are out to destroy and they're determined to eliminate her invention and prevent her and Donovan's firestorm. Terrified of dragons after an attack she now has to trust the very creatures that scare her in order to survive. Things aren't much better on Donovan's side of things. Of all the Pyr he's the one who doesn't want a mate or his firestorm. Because of a betrayal in his past he's turned into a playboy who doesn't want to settle down or risk his heart again. 

The battles between Pyr and Slayer were impressive as always. They're intense and more often than not color descriptions are used instead of names. A little chart of all their colors and names would seriously come in handy once they all get going. The way the scenes are done really does add to the chaotic feel of battle though. I'd love to actually see all these dragons. They sound gorgeous in all their gem colors and designs. I like that you never quite know how the fights will end up. If good will triumph over evil. If all the characters you love will come out okay in the end. They're just really nicely done even if I spend most of the time going "OMG, wait! Who is that?? Was that one of the good ones that just went down!?! Ahhh". 

The Slayers are pretty despicable in this one.  There are some fairly disturbing developments with them and the lengths they're willing to go to beat the Pyr. They always seem to be one step ahead of the good guys and you just can't wait for them to be taken down. There was a lot of drama with the Slayers in this book which I thought took away from the main couple.

Now. Our hero and heroine. There really just wasn't enough of Alex and Donovan. You'd think in a nearly 400 page book you'd get a ton of face time with the main couple but in the end if just didn't feel that way and I was left wishing for lot more time with them. The two were made for each other. Both were fairly upfront and said what they were thinking. They didn't play games with each other which I appreciated. They're practical and when confronted by a problem/fear set out to figure a way to overcome whatever the issue happens to be. Alex doesn't freak out and run from things she doesn't understand but holds back and processes it all before deciding what to do next. She may be scared witless but the girl holds her own and channels that fear. 
"Slayers?" Alex folded her arms across her chest. 
Donovan didn't blame her for being skeptical. "Dragon shape shifters intent on eradicating humans from the planet." 
She nodded as she digested the information. To Donovan's surprise, she didn't question it. Her gaze did flick to Keir's ashes, then back to meet his. "Right. How do you come into it?" 
"We're Pyr," he said. "Pyr are dragon shape shifters intent on protecting the earth's treasures, of which humans are one. 
Her eyes took on a tentative sparkle and the sight made Donovan's blood boil. "I like that philosophy better." 
"Most people do."
One of my disappointments with the couple and their relationship was when dealing with their firestorm. Neither was ready to jump in and create little dragon babies so they tried to cheat the system. When they finally admit their feelings to one another and decide to embrace the firestorm we get a nice big fade away and cut to a very very minor storyline that while cute can't compete with such a major development with the hero/heroine. Instead of getting to experience the emotional scene with them we don't see them again until the next day. Was a let down and felt sort of cheated the way it all played out.

I was really looking forward to Kiss of Fury and getting to know more about the Dragonfire world. Unfortunately, I was left more frustrated than satisfied with the end result. A shame since I liked both of the main characters, Alex and Donovan. Even though it had it's moments it lacked in the umpf department and left a bit to be desired. Especially where Alex and Donovan were concerned. Their relationship seemed to take second seat to the trouble with the Slayers and saving her invention. And yet I'm still ready to grab up book 3 and read more. I must be broken! 

Ever had a series like that? One that makes you do the whole "grrr. arrgg" thing but in the end you just can't help yourself and you pick up the next book?

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  1. Thanks so much for the great excerpts. Sounds like a very good book!

  2. Thanks for the great excerpts! sounds like a book I would like to read! And yes I've read a series like that...the Fever series!

    1. Oh yes. The Fever series is so like that too. I've still got Shadowfever to go. It's sitting on my bookshelf right now waiting for me :)


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