Monday, February 20, 2012

Girly Crafty Project 1! Building a birdhouse!

 I have officially made my first and last birdhouse! And finished one of my girly crafty projects from my new years resolutions. Woohoo! Okay so it wasn't all that girly but birds are a bit girly, right, so I'm going with it.

I've got this book of 2001 things you should do before you die and building a birdhouse was one of them. So I picked this little one up ages ago and it's been sitting on my shelf. Not sure exactly why we all need to build a birdhouse but a birdhouse we have even though they totally and completely freak. me. the. hell. out. They're not nearly as bad as butterflies ::shudder:: but still.

And this one turned out to be a real bitch. The directions were pretty much a picture with arrows and kinda made my eyes cross. Probably didn't help it was near 3 am when I poured everything out of the box and got started on it. Took me so long to figure it out I'm honest to God embarrassed for myself. But it's done and everything looks pretty much like the picture. I'm not sure how a bird's actually supposed to fit inside that tiny little hole but we'll see. Now to get it waterproofed and hung as far away from the house as humanly possibly and I'll be happy.

The herd even got involved. That's Gladys' little snoot up there checking things out. They're so helpful ;)


  1. aww how cute! that is crafty and deff girly since birds r girly great job!

    1. Thanks :) I thought it was pretty darn cute when I saw it in the store. Couldn't help but give it a go :)


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