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Advertising for Love by Tana Darcee

A woman who could not forget her past, and a man who would not give up on their future -Tizzy McKenzie a shy but talented consultant in an advertising agency loved her work. She had a wonderful boss in Grant Mallaby and a great friend in Becky Whitman. And then one morning she gave him a lift and suddenly their sensible world is turned upside down. And that was before the 'cupids' stepped in.

Type: Contemporary Romance
Heat: 2 out of 5
Rating: 3 out of 5

Advertising for Love is a free ebook I picked up from Barnes & Noble. The storyline is really rather sweet and the characters likable. It wasn't bad for a free read though it would benefit enormously from a serious edit and polish. I'm an easy going reader so I was able to look past it for the most part but if you're one that finds editing mistakes frustrating you'll want to skip over this one because there are good deal of them and it'll drive you absolutely nuts. 

Tizzy, short for Trizella, works at our hero Grant's advertising firm. She's an incredible talent but because of an extremely traumatic experience in her past she's shy to the point where she has panic attacks when the focus of attention. She hides behind plain clothes, has a terrible stutter when nervous and low self esteem. She basically does everything she can to just be ignored. 

Grant is the opposite of Tizzy in many ways. He's the head of the company, confident, in charge. I really liked getting to see the two interact and how that chance car ride changed everything for both of them. Grant's a likable guy. He's gentle with Tizzy, understanding of her situation, is there for her when she has an attack and needs him. And Tizzy is one of those characters you can't help but feel for and care about. She's really pulls at your heart strings especially when you find out what happened to her years earlier. 

Things weren't exactly smooth sailing between them. Misunderstandings, hurt feelings, rude coworkers who couldn't help but make comments about their differences, clients with a sudden interest in Tizzy. And that's where the side characters, who added a nice dimension but didn't overpower the main couple, came into play. There were a couple surprise twists and turns with them and their motives concerning the main characters. Maybe a little outlandish in reality but I liked how it played out and the roles they all ended up playing in getting Tizzy and Grant together. 

Despite the lack of editing I really did enjoy Advertising for Love. It was a sweet read and a nice short story. I wouldn't have minded spending more time with the characters and getting to know more about them. This was my first read that actually took place in Australia which threw me a little because of some words/phrases but, you know, I actually enjoyed that once I got into the story. 

Grab your copy at:  Barnes & Noble 

So where do you stand on editing? Is it a deal breaker for you? Drive you nuts or something you can overlook when the storyline/characters are nicely done? Do you tend to accept it more in ebooks than you would with print ones?


  1. I'm an easy going reader also. I can usually look past mistakes. I realize that no one is perfect. I have read a couple of books that had some serious issues though. And they were paperbacks by a very well known best selling author. One had some serious grammar mistakes. Missing punctuation, incomplete sentences & sentences with too many words that didn't make sense. A LOT of people complained about this one. Some people even thought that maybe the wrong copy was sent to the printers. And the other one was just confusing. There was a lot of family members & the way she explained the relationships was not very clear & it changed throughout the book. Or atleast it was so unclear that it seemed to change throughout the book. LOL And again I wasn't the only one that noticed this. Some of the reviews for this book suggested people take notes in the beginning so they could go back & refer to how they were all related. It was quite a mess. And this same author had another issue with a printed book I didn't read. A whole scene was left out of it. I forgot how many pages it was but she posted it on her website so people could go there to read it. That's not why I didn't read it though. I didn't read it b/c it was a part of a series that I just didn't want to read. But as I said I can usually overlook things even though it seems like I spy every little mistake. I don't know that I accept it more in ebooks but it does seem that ebooks have a lot more errors than printed books. Maybe b/c printed books are edited more carefully since after they've been printed there's not much that can be done?? I don't know. I can't think of any book I stopped reading because of editing. If it's a decent story line I'm not real picky.

  2. Gosh, it seems I'm always long-winded when I comment on your blog. lol Sorry bout that. I didn't realize it was so long until I saw it posted.


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