Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ain't Myth Behaving by Katie MacAlister

Type: Paranormal Romance
Heat: 2.5 out of 5
Rating: 3 out of 5

Ah, guilty, guilty pleasures. Love Katie MacAlister. Cheeky, ridiculous entertainment at it's best. She's got such an odd/quirky sense of humor that I really enjoy. Just never know what's going to come out of her mouth and I love that. Ain't Myth Behaving was actually two novellas put together. Ancient gods, Viking ghosts, sassy American heroines. Yeah, it was an odd one but pretty entertaining and gave me some chuckles. 

Dane Hearne -- also known as the Irish fertility god Cernunnos -- must choose a bride quickly. His long-time goddess has run off with a salsa dancer, and Dane must be married by Beltane, just a week away, or become a mortal -- and die. When he meets American travel writer Megan St. Clair, he knows he's found his soul mate. But while Dane is a sexy Irish hunk with his fair share of blarney, can he convince Megan to marry him in just one week? 

Stag Party is told by Dane aka Cernunnos which was pretty entertaining and so threw me for a loop when he' suddenly start talking about his penis. Made me snicker a few times since I'd forget it was a guy talking more often than not. Dane's a little full of himself but he is a god after all, right? I liked him though. He could be so inappropriate at times but in a lighthearted just have to shake your head at him kind of way. Megan was great too. I liked that she didn't quite go along with everything Dane wanted and gave him a run for his money more than once.  She's completely fascinated by the antlers that pop up when Dane's ticked which was kinda cute. The two were just fun together. 

My favorite part were Dane's hellhounds. Each time he comes back they're recreated too and this time his mighty hell hounds are tiny toy poodles with red bows in their hair. OMG loved it! 

Favorite quote:
“I have sieged many a castle in my day, m'lady, but my attack on your keep will be the sweetest of all." 
She giggled as I kissed every inch of her face. "Oh, we're doing medieval now? Okay, I can do that. I've been to a Renaissance Faire. Avast ye varlet! No quarter!"
"That was piratical, dearling, but we'll go with it if you like. Lower your gangplanks and prepare to be boarded!"


Alrik Sigurdsson is cursed to sail his Viking ship along the same stretch of Scandinavian coastline forever. So when lovely American Brynna Lund skids her car off the road into the ocean, he and his men are happy for the diversion of rescuing her. Then Alrik discovers that Brynna is the only woman who can break the curse. Is it any wonder that he's determined to keep her...forever?

Really liked Norse Truly too. Alrik and his men have been stuck on their ship for centuries and can't step foot on land without someone breaking their curse. Enter Brynna, a human that doesn't know she's really a valkryie, who can help the men and get them to Valhalla. Maybe? There were some hysterical moments when she's trying to explain foreplay to the 1300 year old viking warrior/ghost. So funny. The two were pretty sweet together. A little silly but sweet. I liked the confusing family connections and how everything worked out in the end for everyone. Was a fun read. And like I said, you just never know what's going to pop out of MacAlister's mind. 
“I love you, Brynna. I will love you until the day I breathe my last. You belong to me, and I will make you the happiest of women. Now take off all your clothes, and pretend you are a Celtic princess about to be marauded by an incredibly virile Viking studmuffin." -Alrik


  1. lol, this sounds like a fun book. I haven't read any of her stuff yet. Might have to try this one for the viral viking studmuffin!

    1. Everything I've read of MacAlister's has been pretty fun. Can't take any of it seriously but excellent for a good laugh. The viking studmuffin was a pretty good one.

  2. I haven't heard of Katie MacAlister. Her books sound like a lot of fun. I'll definitely be checking her out. And let me just say that I love your reviews. It seems like every time I get an email from other blogs about a review it's about an erotic and/or BDSM book. Every. Single. Time. Now, I'm not trying to bash anyone's blog, review, BDSM or erotica. And as much as I liked that series that has brought on all this I am so over all the publicity & talk about it. A lot of the reviews I read are focused on the sex in the book. How much of it, how explicit, how kinky, etc. It's as if the story line and/or characters aren't important. 85% sex & 15% plot just doesn't work for me. I'm not saying you should never write a review about an erotic book. I'm just saying Thank You for writing reviews for "regular" books. I rarely see any these days.

    1. Aw well thanks Tonya. I love a bit of variety when I read. I'll pick up pretty much anything from Young Adult to erotica but I like to switch it up so I never get too bored. Those "regular" books are some of my favorites :) I'm glad you like the variety too :)

      MacAlister is a hoot. She does a vampire series (that I haven't started yet) and a dragon one. LOVE the dragon ones. They're too funny and have so much quirk. Was the series that got me hooked on dragons.

  3. I do like variety a lot. And as I said I wasn't trying to bash any genre or sub-genre. It just seems like everyone is hung up on a certain type book these days & that's all I hear about. I'm sure it will change soon when the next "in" thing comes along.

    1. It's crazy how much momentum something can get. I've been amazed by how many of the blogs I follow picked up the latest craze. Still haven't been able to get myself to jump on board with it. Will be interesting to see what the next big ones going to be.

  4. This is one of my favorite "lite" fall-backs. Every now and then, I just have to re-read Norse Truly!

    1. It's definitely going on my keeper shelf. Norse Truly was such a hoot.


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