Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spotlight: Grace Elliot and Eulogy's Secret + giveaway

Hey all! Wanted to tell you a little about a new-to-me author, Grace Elliot and her book Eulogy's Secret. Don't you just love that cover? I think it's gorgeous! Yall have a chance to win your very own copy today! Check out the rafflecopter below and enter to win!

So, first a little about Ms Elliot. She's definitely our kind of people! She's a Veterinarian and adores the kitties! Yep, we're loving her already. When she's not taking care of our furry friends and doting on her very own herd she writes historical romances to help deal with the emotionally stressful side of working with animals. Since we do animal rescue we understand how hard that job can be!

Eulogy's Secret is her second novel and sounds very interesting. I've put it on my list of books to check out as soon as I saw it. Now that we know she's an animal person a copy's going to make it's way to our house even faster than before. 

Here's a little blurb for yall about Eulogy's Secret!

Greed, prejudice and a stolen identity.

In the four weeks since her guardians' death, Eulogy Foster has lost everything. Penniless and alone she seeks the help of her estranged brother, Lord Lucien Devlin. But Devlin throws Eulogy onto the streets and the mercy of a passing stranger, Jack Huntley, who becomes an unlikely ally. As Eulogy seeks the truth behind her birth, she is drawn into the world of art and artists, where her morals are challenged and nothing is as it seems.

Jack Huntley: bitter, cynical and betrayed in love. He believes women are devious, scheming, untrustworthy creatures - and when he rescues a naïve Miss from being raped, his life is about to change forever. There is something about Miss Foster that haunts him and challenges his emotions. But despite their growing attraction, Eulogy will not share her secret, which means he cannot trust her. Caught in a deadlock, both denying their true feelings, events take a sinister turn as someone seeks to silence Eulogy...permanently.

Doesn't that sound good?! It's been getting some great reviews that really have me interested. Alright. Now go on and enter to win a copy. Ya know ya want to :)

For more on Elliot's books check out the links below:

Eulogy's Secret:       Amazon     B&N     Goodreads
A Dead Man's Debt: Amazon     Goodreads

For more on Elliot:   Website     Facebook

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting me today and I'm so glad you like the cover.
    Good luck to everyone who enters the prize draw.
    Grace x

  2. AnonymousMay 01, 2012

    I find that knowing a little more about an author can indicate to me the richness and depth of the characters and story lines they create. In these days of self publishing, a well written bio bit can determine whether or not I'll pass on an author.

    I've never read Ms. Elliot's work before, but just from the blurb and bio, I am looking forward to reading her works.
    "Mother" to 6 kitties, 2 labs (all rescues) and 2 children

  3. Hello,
    There's nothing closer to perfection than being curled up with a good book and a cat (in my case) on your lap...oh yes, not forgetting a glass of red wine.
    Just a thought, BookLover, but I'm guessing you feed your cats on high counters to stop the labs eating their dinner....
    G x

    1. AnonymousMay 05, 2012

      Hi Ms. Elliot -
      I really should have stated that I mother 5 kitties, 2 labs and a "catador".

      One kitty - Mittens - indoor only. (I think she's agoraphobic).

      4 kitties - "The Boys" (White Foot, Twinkle Toes & CJ)and their sister "Taco" are all indoor / outdoor. They all get fed inside.

      The "catador" - Talulah - eats outdoors with the labs. She thinks shes a lab also! We put food in her dish in the am & pm when we feed Yoshi & Savannah Peach.
      Yoshi is a black lab and Peach is a fox red. Our neighbor found them wandering by the side of the road out in a very rural area, almost out to the Everglades. They were about 3 months old at the time. He gave them to us as we had lost our lab to old age, and he had just gotten his chocolate lab and couldn't take in another. Of course, when the kids saw them......

      Can you tell from the names that my kids picked out all the names?

  4. PS The link to my website is an old one.
    Here is the current address.
    G x

    1. Sorry about that. I'm getting it changed right now :)

  5. It really depends on the book. I like to hear about an author's background and how they researched for the book.

  6. I have EULOGY'S SECRET already so don't enter me in the contest. I haven't read it yet but I plan to get started on it today. It sounds really good.


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