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Jaime (Visitation, NC #5) by Lori Foster

Carrying a naked woman up a mountain in a driving storm-- now there's a way for a man to start the day. But for Jamie, the unconscious redhead in his arms is an intruder, one who could bring him harm. He has his reasons for hiding out in this mountain cabin; for keeping his emotions hidden; for never, ever getting too close to anyone. And he's not about to stop now.

Before she passed out in his bed, she said her name was Faith-- an appropriate name since he has to take her at her word. Who is she? Why is she here? Who sent her? And what is she doing to him? Jamie's used to feelings of wariness, isolation, of being on guard. What he's not used to is this dangerous, nearly uncontrollable new emotion raging through him.

Jamie wants Faith, as a man wants a woman... and it may already be too late to turn back...

Type: Contemporary Romance, Slight Paranormal 
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 3 out of 5

I love this series but gotta say, Jamie is plain ol' flipping creeeepy. I think this may be the first time a hero has actually given me the willies and had me cringing with a WTF expression taking up damn near permanent residence on my face. The first 100 pages are so bizarre. Jamie find Faith trooping up his mountain and goes to confront her but as soon as he reaches her she collapses from exhaustion and illness. What does our hero do first? Well, of course, he strips her naked and throws all of her clothes off the mountain and into the river just in case she's wearing a bug. Then he searches her for tracking devices. He feels her up, and I mean really feels her up, and doesn't miss checking anywhere. I'm way the hell over here and I was so damn uncomfortable. And Faith just lets him go at it. I don't care why she was there or what she needed from him. I'd be slapping the ever living hell out of him. I get that he's paranoid because of his past but damn. ::shudder:: Thankfully it does get better but damn that first bit is a doosey. 

Foster's characters are usually so easy to fall for. Quirky but personable and draw you in right away. Jamie and Faith, though, are characters that really have to grow on you. Jamie is socially awkward and uncomfortable with the idea of having friends after years of isolation due to his telepathic abilities. It's a struggle for him to have Faith in his home and the people of Visitation trying to be his friends. Now, Faith. She's a determined woman and I can respect her for that but I did find her refusal to explain things very frustrating. The whole plot is that she needs Jamie's help and he just has to accept her without getting all the details or really any of the details. Frustrating! But she does have redeeming qualities, namely, the way she accepted Jamie how he was and the positive impact she had on his life.
She needed food. And sleep. And a shower sounded better and better. Even so, she'd be happy sitting there for about...oh, an hour or so, just looking at him. Or maybe touching him. Or maybe even-- 
Jamie tapped her forehead. "You wanna block those thoughts a little?" 
Startled, Faith jerked her gaze up to his. Lo and behold, he looked amused. He didn't actually smile, no, never that. And he was still tense. But somehow she just knew he wanted to laugh at her. Well, hell. Making a fool of herself was not part of the plan.
He looked so...beautiful to her. So incredible. Yet even in sleep, he wasn't entirely at peace. There was a tense set to him, an air of readiness-- 
Eyes still closed, he murmured, "Your idea of beauty is questionable." 
Faith lurched back so fast, she almost fell on her butt. In a flash, Jaime reached out and snagged her wrist, helping her to regain her balance.  
Heart pounding wildly, Faith accused, "You're playing possum!"
While this wasn't my favorite of the series there were some fantastic moments along the way that made it worth the read. Especially when Jamie cleaned himself up and dropped the mountain man act. His friends were used to him being mysterious, showing no emotions and being a man of few words. Suddenly he's all cleaned up and actually showing a sense of humor, being rather chatty. Loved how shocked and flustered they  all got over the new Jamie. Especially the men's reactions. Easily the best part of the book. 

The very ending was a little corny but it was the last book in the series so I kinda liked it. All the past characters have their big group moment together. Just like with a tv series finale it's a bit sappy, a little over the top silly and cheesy and you can't help but smile and go aaawwww. Overall, I really enjoyed the Visitation, NC series. It wasn't at all what I expected but it was worth the read. The heroes and heroines were pretty unique and a couple of them found their way to my favorites list. They weren't your typical characters, to say the least, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. Even Jamie and his creepy self. 

Have any of yall read Jaime? You think this boy was as creepy as I did?!
Ever find a hero so bizarre and creepy you just don't know what to do with them?

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  1. Quite an intriguing opening you've got there. Guess I'd have to turn the page to find out what happens next.

    1. It's quite the start to a book. Definitely one that leaves you curious!


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