Thursday, July 26, 2018

[memes] Hyped Up Reads + my week in books

Note: I accidentally deleted 6 months of the blog so this is a repost. All comments on the original posts were unfortunately lost. Sorry!

I wanted to meme. And only had one weekly post to do it. So there's a whole lotta meme-age happening in this post. You might have to scroll down a bit to get the one you're looking for (Stacking the Shelves, Mailbox Monday, What Are You Reading, Top Ten Tuesday and Book Blogger Hop). 😸

Um. Yeah I continued to binge. I finished up the Denise Grover Swank series and it was just fantastic. I finished and had to stop myself from going right back to re-read from the beginning.

And Yates. I love her cowboys. Plus Christmas? *swoon*


Not sure. I'm still deciding. Probably the Swank spin off series.

Yeah, I got me some Yates this week. I can't resist her. And I've read all three already. Ha! They were good :)

Two Freebies.
Enrage by Rachel Van Dyken
Your Forever Love by Layla Hagen

Lost & Found Sisters by Jill Shalvis
Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank

hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top Ten: Books that Lived Up to Are Worth the Hype!

Ooo hard! I had to change it up a little because...

1] A lot of the books I read are 4-7 months pre publication. So usually going in there's no hype since hardly anyone has read them. lol

2] Unless I already read a series (ex Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs) I avoid hyped up books like the plague! Ha! I'm way less inclined to pick them up so there's rarely any that are living up to the hype for me.

So I'm changing it to ones I loved pre-hype that are worth every bit of the hype they've since gotten. lol


Fly With Me-- One of the best military series. Gut wrenching, sexy. Worth all the praise.

Magic Bites-- Starts a little slow but this series is everything UF should be.

Moon Called-- Another that starts slow but the hero, the heroine, the para-world. It's amazing and unique.

Naked In Death-- 45+ books in and they're STILL exciting. That alone is worth the hype. Plus just amazing characters that become friends. 

Simply Irresistible-- Happy reads. These are worth all the warm fuzzy bits of hype.

Question: A blogger's first name should be in a prominent place on his/her blog. Do you agree or disagree? 
A: Eh. It's not a deal breaker for me but I really do appreciate it when I can find a blogger's name. Either in their about section or on individual posts (tags, etc) or user name. It's weird not having a name to actually call someone instead of hey blogger! or hey "books by the shelf!" lol

It was a pretty easy week here. Cleo's new meds came in (liquid) so she's not able to spit out and hide her pills. So she's more steady health-wise. Whew!

I had the food pantry and USO which was fun. Did some couponing.
Actually made blog visits! Woo!
And worked around the house.

Had a huge blow up with Office Depot. They suck, yall.
I ordered (11) 12 packs of something. They And weren't planning on sending any more. Claiming they didn't sell a 12 pack so they sent 12 individuals (makes no sense since it would have been 11 in that case). I was like I am LITERALLY looking at the listing and it's a 12 pack. So 10 days of arguing (while I needed the product) and they refused to honor the legit listing.

Then on the refund paperwork they claimed "customer returned product".

Dirty tart! No. Yall refused to SEND the product. smh So that was my drama this week. Won't be shopping with them ever again and left a 1 star review. Whew!

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