Friday, July 6, 2018

[memes] Oooo That Makes Me So Mad! + my reading week

Note: I accidentally deleted 6 months of the blog so this is a repost. All comments on the original posts were unfortunately lost. Sorry!

I wanted to meme. And only had one weekly post to do it. So there's a whole lotta memeage happening in this post. You might have to scroll down a bit to get the one you're looking for. 😸

Yall. It has been a week! Thankfully not with the herd *knock on wood* but with me. I might have maybe tried to make homemade granola. And might have maybe forgot it was in the oven. Which thankfully has an emergency shut off if it's left on too long. Like 7 hours. *looks around innocently*

My cabinets are now yellow, so is my stove, my tea kettle, the microwave.

And then I made fries the next day and they tasted like burnt granola and foil so I put the oven on self clean.

And promptly filled the house with smoke of all it was burning off in there.

Then this morning put a cat carrier on the stove (after dropping a laptop on my toe) and managed to knock the on button and melt a burner sized hole in my new pretty carrier.

Yall. My stove and I are about to break up. LOL

Other than that things are fine. The girls are bored of cage rest so going t be slowly bringing them out into the house again. Things are growing in the garden, I've done a tremendous amount of blogging and catching up. Overall pretty good week. Granola not included.

Mistletoe in Texas-- I hated it! It's causing a reader-author breakup :/

Kentucky Christmas-- a cute Christmas short story at a vet clinic

Kentucky Home-- an interesting take on fake relationships. She's in a fake engagement but falls for the brother.

Home Sweet Home--a sentient house!!!

29 1/2 Reasons-- These are great mysteries with an innocent heroine who has visions


I'm really loving these. It's a great cast of characters and fun murder mysteries. Thirty and a Half Excuses is about old ladies in the neighborhood being whacked. 

The Denise Grover Swank were on sale for .99 each, Shalvis and Fatal Frost were 1.99 (I had a gift card to use). Beautiful Exiles was my Prime freebie.

And a few freebies as well.

Midnight Alias by Elle Kennedy
GROWL-- Cleo Update

hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

(((Hmmm I do my posts a month or so in advance and somehow I have the wrong prompt for the week. Um. Oh well. Instead of my favorite reads so far this year yall are getting my bookish pet peeves lol ))))

Top Ten: Bookish Pet Peeves

1. Reporter heroines-- I just cannot stand them
2. When the heroine fucks up but the hero ends up apologizing
3. When authors don't capitalize Marine
4. Or call them ex-Marines (that's only if they've been dishonorably discharged)
5. When they make Southerners talk real slow like we're dumb
6. CLIFFHANGERS I loathe an unannounced cliffhanger
7. Bad editing
8. When the cover doesn't match the book (aaaahhhh!)
9. ALL THE GREEN EYES!!! Seriously according to my books about 70% of the population has green eyes
10. Lack of condoms or any convo pre-thrust about being clean/on the pill/etc I just am like yeah you're an idiot and gonna get the clap.

Bonus because I'm currently mad about it. Heroines who hide babies from the dad and then don't properly grovel/beg for fucking forgiveness for being selfish scummy assholes.

Question: If you were stranded on a deserted island, which ONE book could you not live without?
A: Gah. Only one book? I don't re-read often so that's a tough question. Probably a Jill Shalvis Lucky Harbor book because those always make me happy. If series I'd pick JD Robb's series.

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