Tuesday, July 10, 2018

[1 Star Review] Satyr's Myst (Satyr's Myst #3) by Marie Harte

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Nope. Noooope. Nope. Satyr's Myst is what gives erotica a bad name. Flat characters, icky sex scenes, uninspired banter.
The Gist: Rick's life is in danger and, well, his ex has decided to keep him safe by...having him kidnapped and kept under lock and key by two sexy captors until they're able to track down the bad guys. And so begins a couple weeks of sexing up, well, everyone in residence.

The characters. Eh. Rick is a perv that runs a sex resort and fucks anything that breathes. Trevor's straight but bi but only bi for Rick, Lilah's a "good girl" who doesn't sleep with strangers but has sex with Rick 10 minutes after meeting him. Then has sex with Trevor 3 hours later (she met him that day, too) and then 10 minutes later...has a threesome. So, yeah. I just wanted to be like bitch, please. You a ho and found yourself two slutty men accept it and stop lying like you're all sweet and innocent.

The sex scenes. Eh. They're nothing to write home about. She's with both guys, the guys fool around a little but not full out until the end, they do some stuff all together. It just wasn't all that fab sex scene-wise. And there were some truly icky scenes. Anal to oral sex. And then one where hero #1 tells the heroine to take the cum out of her ass and put it in hero #2's ass so hero #1 can fuck him. Yall. I'm out, Marie Harte. I. Am. Out. Nope!

There was also some ridiculous "my conservative family/friends just won't understand" whining. *eye roll* Yeah I'm sure there are a LOT of liberal families who would be ALL on board and not at all concerned about their kid suddenly living in a menage at a foreign sex resort with people they've met like 2 weeks ago. It's totally JUST conservative families and prudes who would be concerned or unsupportive of that, I'm sure. *yawn*

All in all, Satyr's Myst was uninspired erotica that had all the appeal of badly scripted porn. Pass.

*note this is not erotic romance. This is erotica. Two very different things
Lilah Tanner thought she'd finagled time on a private island for her own purposes -- to take a break from her dull, complacent life. She's a hard worker, a physical therapist, with a successful career but an unhappy love life. Not sure if it's due to her plain features or take-charge personality, she nevertheless wants more out of life than she has. So she does her cousin a favor and agrees to keep some rich playboy out of trouble on a tropical island. How hard can that be?

The danger around Rick Hastings is far more than she bargained for. There's a stalker her cousin failed to mention, the threat of real harm from a hidden, outside source. But more than that, Lilah's bombarded with the reality of Rick Hastings and Trevor Reaper, two men too sexual for her own good. Because it isn't long before Lilah is tempted, seduced, and in love. It will take all her courage to face her own insecurities and help Trevor and Rick face theirs in order to keep the men who've won her heart.

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