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3.5 stars-- Snowed in with the Cowboy (Gold Valley #3.5) by Maisey Yates

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Christmas, a winter storm, one hot sexy cowboy who you've been lusting after for years aaaaand...getting snowed in with said cowboy at a small town lodge? Christmas wish come true!
The hitch? Well, that cowboy and that cowgirl are step siblings who've been secretly hung up on each other since forever. And, sweet Mary, what would their siblings and mom think if they gave in and had their way with each other?!! Erms!

“You’ll pay,”she responded, bending down and picking up her own handful of snow.

Tanner took off running down the fully empty street, and Chloe was giggling and shouting after him.

When the snowball hit him, it was hard in between the shoulder blades, with a taste of vengeance buried in it. She had packed that tight before sending it his way.

“Brat,”he said, turning around and starting to make another snowball. But Chloe had already packed together more, and he found himself assaulted as he attempted to replenish his ammunition. So he did the only sensible thing. He stood up and went straight for her, grabbing her around the waist and listening to her shriek as he flung them both down into a snowbank.

“That was pointless!”she shouted. “Now we’re both wet.”

“Worth it,”he said.
Yall. Chloe and Tanner. I liked them. They have a fun teasing thing going on from knowing each other so long. And they have some awkward because omg wanting to see your step-sibling stark nekkid and, erm, telling them such a thing. And they had some sweet because they really do love each other. Have been there for each other over the years, supported each other, made each other better people. It was easy to like them.

And want to shake em because man alive they're a little bit of a handful and slow to figure things out. lol But I also got it because their relationship-- even though they're in no way biologically related--was rocking the whole taboo vibe. And could easily cause trouble with their family.

Overall, Snowed in with the Cowboy was a fun winter quickie with a slightly naughty side. It was fun seeing them take each other on. Heat things up, have a little growl, break down and figure things out.
There’s only one thing Chloe Nolan wants for Christmas this year—and he wears a cowboy hat and is completely off-limits. When her mom married into the Reid family, Chloe found her calling, working with horses on the ranch. How could she risk that newfound stability by revealing her crush on her stepbrother, Tanner? But when Chloe and Tanner get snowed in on their way to a family gathering, it’s just the chance to extinguish the flame that’s been burning for too long. One night. One wish. One bed…

She’s the woman Tanner’s always wanted—and vowed he’d never touch. Yet when Chloe reveals her secret wish, all those years of pent-up longing erupt with life-changing force. Now it’s Tanner’s turn to take a risk, and turn one magical Christmas night into the beginning of forever…

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