Tuesday, November 6, 2018

3.5 stars-- Want Me, Cowboy (Copper Ridge: Desire #5) by Maisey Yates

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Cowboys and Christmas! Yall know that's my catnip. Want Me, Cowboy was delightful!

The Gist: Poppy and Isaiah have worked together for 10 years. And suddenly her boss decides he needs a wife and tasks her with putting an ad in the paper and...finding him one. Seeing she's been in love with him for a decade and wants to fill that position herself, well, yes, she's a spot fit to be tied.

These two were interesting!

  • Poppy's a former foster child with trust/abandonment issues. She rocks a 1950s style, is a bit brash and colorful with a side of sass. 
  • Isaiah's brilliant with numbers but not with people. He can't process facial expressions and has trouble understanding emotions which was interesting. He's a bit anti-people (because most are idiots lol), total sexy growly cowboy. Very matter of fact and doesn't play games. 
Deep brown eyes narrowed in his direction. “You’re really something else, do you know that?”

He did. He always had. The fact that she felt the need to question him on it didn’t make much sense to him.

“Yes,”he responded.

Poppy stamped. She stamped her high-heel-clad foot like they were in a black-and-white movie. “No, she hasn’t sent it through,” Poppy said.

“You just stomped your foot at me.”

She flung her arms wide. “Because you were just being an idiot at me.”
I really loved them together. They both have a very small circle of people they trust and few who truly understand them but these two get each other. I loved the connection between them that's grown from years of working closely together.

Things heats up, gets complicated and a touch frustrating as they both deal with their personal hang ups and limitations. They weren't perfect and could both use a little shake now and again for certain actions/things they said but there's a lot of sweetness and caring between them even if it's not in your face or typically shown.

All in all, Want Me, Cowboy was a nice novella with interesting characters. I liked Isaiah and his social issues. You don't see that too often and it was interesting to watch play out.
Poppy Sinclair kept her feelings for Isaiah Grayson secret for a decade. When her infuriatingly gorgeous Stetson-wearing boss enlists her help in finding him a convenient wife, she threatens to quit. Until Isaiah counters with an interesting proposal: Why doesn’t she marry him? Can she say yes to sharing his life and his bed, but not his heart?

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