Wednesday, December 12, 2018

3.5 stars-- A Tall, Dark Cowboy Christmas (Gold Valley #4) by Maisey Yates

Christmas and grumbly cowboys? Yes, please! lol

A Tall, Dark Cowboy Christmas was a heart touching romance that had me wiping away some pesky tears, laughing, and rooting for two damaged yet strong individuals.
The Gist: Grant's found a woman sleeping in an abandoned cabin on his property. Turns out she's homeless and a bit prickly. Suits him just fine since he's a bit of an asshole, too. Might be they're exactly what the other needs to soften some of those sharp edges.
“Careful,” she said. “You almost smiled at me.”

“Won’t happen again.”

She arched a brow. “Does that make your smile a mistake, Grant?”

“No,” he said. “Just an unplanned facial tic.”

“Damn. You’re a hard case.”

“Not the first time I’ve heard that one.”
Both Grant and McKenna pulled at my heart. Life has treated both pretty harshly --he married his childhood sweetheart who was dying of cancer and McKenna was abandoned to foster care and wound up homeless. They've distanced themselves from other people just trying to survive each day but goodness they both have a strength to them that goes soul deep. It was hard not to fall for them completely as they started to get their lives together and deal with all their past pains.

Their romance was herky jerky since both are dealing with so dang much on the emotional front. And, well, since they're both prickly as hell. But I enjoyed it. And watching them both find what they really needed even if they didn't expect it. Home, love, a second chance. Things heat up nicely, too with a couple of added surprises.

All in all, A Tall, Dark Cowboy Christmas was Christmasy goodness.
Grant Dodge didn't expect to find a woman sleeping in an abandoned cabin on his family ranch. He also never expected to find her so intriguing. Unlike every other woman in town, McKenna Tate doesn't know Grant's a widower. There's no pity in the looks she gives him. McKenna wants him, and Grant has forgotten what it's like to feel like a man. A no-strings fling for Christmas might just be the kind of holiday cheer Grant needs...

With only a suitcase and a broken-down truck to her name, McKenna came to Gold Valley aiming to confront her birth father, then leave by Christmas. Working at the Dodge ranch wasn't planned, nor was falling for the gorgeous cowboy who keeps his heart roped off. But there's no denying the way their broken pieces fit together. Hope brought her to Gold Valley; love makes her want to stay. Can it be the one gift that could finally heal Grant, and McKenna's own wounded heart?

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