Friday, December 14, 2018

[memes] Winter Reads, Blogging + my week in books

I wanted to meme. And only had one weekly post to do it. So there's a whole lotta memeage happening in this post. 😸

Ahhhhh can the week be over now? lol
  • We got a LOT of snow for our area. 6 inches, then hours of rain then 2 more inches. It was gorgeous and chilly and thankfully melted pretty quickly. Only a few areas of snow still left on the ground. 
  • Food pantry and USO went well! 
  • Cleo gave me a huge scare and not fabulous news from the emergency vet-- her constriction around her trachea/esophagus is growing back it seems. So we spent a few hours there Thursday night getting some oxygen/meds. She's on some super antibiotics for an infection then we'll do supportive care to keep her feeling good. She slept well after the e-vet and ate 3 cans of food within 12 hours. Made her hungry I guess!
  • I'm nearly caught up on blog visits! And had the strangest phenomenon. It's happened 6 or 7 times before and always leaves me curious. When I start returning visits to blogs after getting behind suddenly comments here dry up. It is so crazy! Like going from 15-20 visitors here a day to 6-8 over a 3 day period. I'm not mad at all or trying to guilt anyone. It's just a weird phenomenon I've noticed and can't figure out. lol

  • I'm getting serious on the clean/purge. Long way to go but made some great progress during the storm. Kinda excited about that!
  • I did a TON of reading again which was nice. Yay snow days! lol

Scornful Scones-- Murderous scones!!! Seriously. Don't eat the pastry! lol It was fun and kept me slightly guessing.

Chaotic Corgis-- Oooo the pet store owner is nearly killed and his mysterious past revealed! I enjoyed this one and seeing Paulie (the pet store owner) find out he really has friends. He's a bit off putting but I love how he and his handful of wild Corgis have slowly and persistently won everyone over.

Quarrelsome Quartz-- a new age motivational speaker is killed and Fred's sister framed. This was not one I loved. Felt too forced preachy and her depiction of the police is getting ridiculous

Coming Home-- This was a sweet story with a new arrival to town and the local pub owner getting to know each other but goodness the editing was atrocious. 


I'm enjoying this series from Dobbs. A bookstore owner that gets pulled into murder mysteries and her kitty who has ancient super powers (unbeknownst to the heroine) who leaves her clues. So far A Spirited Tail is really good. A murder at a decades old abandoned mansion that belonged to a medium who killed someone and then himself...maybe. 

I picked up a few freebies! I needed some Christmas and hot guys apparently.


Cowboy SEAL Christmas by Nicole Helm

hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top Ten: Books on my Winter 2018 TBR pile
(Dec 21-Mar20)

So the interesting thing when you become a jaded reader and start shunning new releases and you decide you don't really like a lot of the authors who wrote your favorite books...your tbr pile gets...much... much smaller. lol

So, yeah, I was only able to come up with 6 winter releases that are on my tbr pile. Craziness.

Jan 2019

March 2019

I do plan on reading all of Denise Grover Swank's back list and delving into Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot. So that'll be fun.

*unfortunately I've read the Shalvis and did not enjoy it. A rarity for me and Shalvis since I love nearly everything she's written including the rest of this series. Ah well. 

Question: Do you listen to music while you are writing your blog posts? If so, what genre of music do you listen to? 
A: Most of the If I do listen to music it's new country-- Kane Brown, Old Dominion, Thomas Rhett, Walker Hayes, Russel Dickerson, Dirks Bentley, Eric Pasley, Jordan Davis and the like.

I'm more likely to have a tv show on, though. I tend to binge watch on Netflix. Lately I've binged 11 seasons of Criminal Minds then finished up Once Upon a Time and Blindspot. But I do all the British murder mysteries, too. I tend to have my laptop in split screen mode with 2/3rds blog/email and the other whatever show I'm watching. As I type I'm watching season one of The Librarians.

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