Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Christmas Bear Brothers by Harmony Raines


A trio of bears! At Christmas! Yes, please! #ThingsThatAreMyCatnip

The Christmas Bear Brothers series is all about three brother bears. Bachelors. But not by choice. They want a change. They want their mates! Dang it! Where are their mates! Alas, they'll spend yet another Christmas working --a cop, a fireman and an EMT-- so coworkers can spend time with their families. Unless Fate steps in...

Santa Paws (Christmas Bear Brothers #1)
The heroine is a reindeer.  
Named Vicky Vixen. Ahhh! 
Yall! I can't! lol I do love me a little Christmas quickie and Santa Paws was just that. A reindeer who's lost her Christmas Spirit. And a sexy bear who knows instantly she's the mate he's been searching for and he's gonna help her find her way back to Christmas. It was cute. They're fated mates so there's an instant heat and sexy times. Then a race to find Vicky's Christmas spirit and save Christmas. *cue the Christmas warm fuzzies*
Christmas Catastrophe (Christmas Bear Brothers #2)
A fireman sent on a call to rescue a kitty from a tree. When he gets there? Well, turns out the little kitty is a cougar and...his mate. Mmhm. 
Damon is such a sweet bear. He knows Zara's feeling down about the holidays since her brother is snowed in at an airport and can't get home so he takes her on a road trip to pick him up. They were good together. Things heat up and they have a nice trip.
A Christmas quickie was had. But they decide to keep each other. Aws!
Bear Humbug! (Christmas Bear Brothers #3)
A wintery snowstorm and a hunt for a runaway teenage...bear. Bear Humbug brought a grumpy bear and an out-of-her-element human together. Yeah, she has no idea the sexy Sheriff or her teenage charge...are bears. Erms! 
Declan and Maria were nice together. Braving the elements, determined to have everyone safe and home for the holidays. Declan's a good guy and Maria a determined sort. They had a nice little flame between them, too.  
It was a fun bit of Christmas with a side of sexy bear.

All in all, I enjoyed all three novellas. They were slightly simplistic and there were some editing issues, though. If you read them all in one go there's a lot of repetition from one to the next since they all happen at the same time and scenes overlap. But for a steamy shot of Christmas fun...they're an entertaining trio.

Three brother bears searching for their mates. And saving Christmas along the way...

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