Saturday, July 6, 2019

I Paid $38.46 for $380.99 Worth Of Groceries!

I decided to start sharing my couponing adventures on the blog!

My Shopping Totals This Week
Retail Value= 380.99
I Paid= 38.46


9.15 Retail
6.66 OOP
1.67 Final

--Ibotta offers on Tea Riot (free offer) and Lava yogurt. I found bogo coupons in store for the yogurt


87.25 Retail
24.12 OOP
2.62 Final

--Ibotta rebates on Scott tissue, McCain fries, Uncle Matt's orange juice, boomerang
--Printable coupons for Boomerang, Campari Tomatoes, Sola Sugar
--Red Bull was free with store digital coupon


8.33 Retail
2.89 OOP
0.00 Final

--Corn was 6 for $1 and bananas .27/pound with store digital coupon offer. 
--I had a $5 giftcard I won at the store's customer appreciation day so made my trip free!


41.39 Retail
5.49 OOP
3.74 Final

--Ibotta offers fro Mrs Cubbison's croutons, Carbona and Nutrish cat food.
--Fetch points for Kotex
--Printable coupon for Mrs Cubbisons, Nutrish
--Digital free coupon for Mt Dew from store's app


68.07 Retail
13.69 OOP
10.84 Final

--Ibotta rebate for Cottonelle, Boomerang, Alouette
--Printable coupon for Snickers, Sola Sugar
--Found hangtag coupons in store for the tea
--Nivea was a store promotion: Buy 2 get $4 off instantly (plus coupons made them money makers)


22.79 Retail
-4.95 OOP
-6.70 Final

--KNOW your store policy! The Carbona rang up the wrong price. At our store that means they'll give it to you for free!
--Ibotta for Mrs Cubbisons, Carbona, Klondike
--Store digital BOGO coupon for Promised Land
--Printable coupons for Morningstar, Mrs Cubbisons


75.75 Retail
42.31 OOP
20.26 Final

HUGE trip but was finishing up my Shop & Earn categories for June. This trip earned me $19 in free groceries for July.
--Ibotta rebate: Camellia beans, Chobani yogurt, Tasty Shakes, Luna bars, Luzianne tea, McCain fries
--Cat food 2 flavors were on clearance for 16/18 cents. PLUS I had a $2/24 coupon. The herd babies were HAPPY!


45.08 Retail
12.90 OOP
2.90 Final


--Awesome cottage cheese deal from Friendship cottage cheese to buy theirs plus yours and get $5 giftcard! All were BOGO so I made money by buying 6 things!
--Country Crock was 99cents after store coupon and digital manufacturer coupon
--Futuro wrist brace was a money maker with coupon


23.18 Retail
3.13 OOP
3.13 Final

-Bwahaha a sweets trip to use up free coupons
--Blue Bunny, Snickers free with printable coupons
--Crepes were on markdown for $1 and I wanted to try them. 
--Kale salad was on markdown for 99cents (usually 3.99)

From The Garden

The last 2 weeks have had a LOT of garden goodies. Tomatoes, eggplant, basil, parsley, carrots, onions, garlic, lots of swiss chard, lettuce, radishes, green pepper. It's been exciting and hopefully will continue! 

Week Totals

380.99 Retail Value
106.24 OOP
38.46 Final
(6.19 of that was taxes)

#items 141
#donated 13


$5/1 Futuro Brace
Sola Sweet Coupons (varies by account) HERE
$5 back for trying Friendship Cottage Cheese
$1/2 Mrs Cubbison's Croutons, etc
$1/1 Pioneer Woman BBQ Sauce
$1/2 Kettle Brand Chips
.50/1 Scott Tissue (check Ibotta, too!)
$1/4 Hamburger Helper
.45/1 YQ yogurt by Yoplait
$1/2 Morningstar Product
$2/1 Tidy Cats Free & Clear
.50/1 Snickers Creamy bars
.50/1 Cottonelle
$2/1 Covergirl Mascara


Ibotta: HERE
Fetch: HERE *use code V1MJA

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