Monday, July 22, 2019

[memes] Book Settings I Want To See? +this week

Whew boy, yall. It was a week. The normal things were fine. Food pantry was insanely busy. We had exactly 4 minutes of down time in 3 hours. Whew!

But then...the herd. Jeremy decided to give me a big scare. He started hiding and wouldn't eat, lost a bunch of weight, couldn't control his guts. So a vet visit. Turns out he's got a thyroid issue. A couple days on meds and he's getting some of his perk back. Whew!!

But then...Mo was like...I will not be overshadowed *explosive bloody poo* So he got put on meds.

But then... I was tired. And, yall. Metronidazole and Methimazole look a LOT alike at midnight when you're tired and reading a tiny bottle and I totally gave Mo 3x the amount of thyroid meds Jeremy was supposed to get.


He's fine. It just took a lot of middle of the night calls to vets to confirm.

So that was the week here. lol Reading and gardening (look at that harvest!) and, oh, they sealed our roads. 5 days later the roads are still wet from it and turn your shoes black. Fun times. Fun times.

  • Heat & Desire-- well now. She kind of falls for her best friend's firefighter daddy AND his best friend and they proceed to fuck her stupid. lol 
  • The Cowboy's Surprise Nanny-- Was pretty fun. She killed her career and ended up a nanny for his special needs (allergies) son. I liked them despite what she'd done to land her there. 
  • The Cowboy's Contract Marriage-- Oh dear. He has a barn. She wants the barn for a wedding venue. But to get her inheritance money to buy it...she has to get married. So they do just that. 


Quiver and Burn. Just nice pervy fun. She has two hottie neighbors who are twins and decides to keep them both. 


I didn't post much of anything. lol


This week was all about Halloumi. It was on sale and I had a $10 off coupon (it's 9.99 for a small square usually). Sooooo I made all the Halloumi. 

If you haven't tried it it's basically cheese that doesn't melt. You literally put it in the fry pan and fry it and it holds it shape but browns like you'd do with meat.

Fried halloumi with eggplants and basil I grew in the garden.
Fried halloumi with basil and tomatoes from the garden on garlic bread.


hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top Ten: Settings I’d Like to See More Of (Or At All)

Ooo settings I'd like to see more often? Hum...

1. Buildings being restored. I love when the hero/ine are doing that.
2. Hotels/Inns
3. Snowed in Cabins
4. RV parks/ camps
5. Bookstores! (always)
6. Nonprofits (but without the lecturing). Read a food pantry/soup kitchen recently which was neat
7. Small cafe/bakery
8. Scottish castles (but in present day)
9. a hot classy bdsm club (I've not had any catch my eye lately)
10. a grocery store might be fun, too.

Question: Do you always have a book with you?
A: I read on my phone so...yup. The only times I don't have a book with me is when I forget it at home and more often than not I turn around and go back to get it because I don't like being without my phone. lol

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