Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Monthly Herd-- June/July + this dang heat

Oops! I forgot to get around to June's recap and am late with July's recap. Honestly this heat. It's got me flailing.

So. All the things. Lets see if I can actually remember them? lol 


  • The tahoe got her all clear for the next year. She's 20 now!
  • I grew lettuce, eggplants, parsley, lavender, tomatoes, garlic and onions, pumpkin, green peppers, swiss chard, carrots, radishes, basil
  • Jeremy had mouth surgery and lost all his teef
  • went to the airport observation deck to watch the sunset and to a drum circle/fire dancing show
  • cut my hair
  • tried 20 new things

  • Ordered seeds and started planting my fall garden
  • Laid drip line (oh my word)
  • the herd babies got some special treats from a blogger friend
  • Jeremy and Mo decided to go sick on me at the same time. I then gave the wrong meds to the wrong cat. Ah! Both are fine. Jeremy has a thyroid issue now so he gets meds daily but he's okay
  • The 4th of july-- Watched some great fireworks
  • Accidentally watched the neighbors dogs a week early and found the hubby on the couch after I'd let the dogs out and fed them. lol
  • I grew eggplants, parsley, tomatoes, green peppers, swiss chard, basil, cucumbers, watermelon, beans
  • They sealed our neighborhood road which was miserable for a week or so. If you stepped on it your shoes turned black. 
  • Tried 29 new things.
  • Melted my salad spinner in the oven.

Total Reviews: 5
New to Me Authors: 2
Favorite Read: Going Down On One Knee
Towards Challenges: 5


Total Reviews: 1
New to Me Authors: 0
Favorite Read: The One You Fight For (lol)
Towards Challenges: 1


Blog All About It-- Risk


With August here I'm planning to get back into blogging like normal again. Hopefully.

And real quick cheating this past month.
July's topic was HEAT

Yall. I know it's summer. I know it's summer in the south.

I know this.

But oh.

I cannot handle it. The heat and the humidity with no rain happening hardly ever. It's just about enough to make a girl spork someone.
We had a miserable couple of heatwaves in NC with weeks of no rain and temps nearing or at 100 and heat index over that.

I turn bright red even in the shade doing nothing but sitting there. This southern girl cannot handle the heat at all and haven't ever been able to. No getting used to it. I am SO ready for Fall. Come on come on come on!

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