Monday, July 1, 2019

[memes] Childhood Favorites, Fire Dancing & Filthy Mouthed Heroes!

I do ALL of my meme-ing in one post. So it's a big post. If you're here from one of them just scroll down. They go mostly in order based on when the memes fall in the week. lol

Holy busy week! Yall I need like 12 naps! lol It was a good week, though. 

I had the USO and Food Pantry this week and both were super busy. Usually we have a bit of downtime during both at some point but goodness nope. On our feet and motoring almost the entire shift which was kinda nice. 

I spent a lot of time out in the garden working before the brutal heat (registered 98-100 on Sunday) set in again. It's gonna be another nasty hot and dry week here. But I set up some yard art which was fun and harvested a TON including garlic and carrots. You can see my garden progress HERE.

I cut about 6 inches off my hair. Eep!

And so cool but I went downtown Friday night and watched a drum circle and fire dancing show. They've done a gorgeous job on our downtown and it was a fun thing to check out. Pics HERE.

I think that's about it. Read a lot, herded a little, cooked. Not too bad overall. 


Um. The Lauren Landish binge continued. lol I'm taking a break from her now. 9 in one month from one author was a bit much. They were fun with their filthy mouthed heroes who liked to get real dirty. Yum! She does desperately need a new editor, though.

Dirty Laundry-- A tabloid reporter (yall know I hate them) and a good guy country singer with a secret she's trying to break. Yeah. I had some early on issues with the heroine but she ended up being a fairly decent reporter heroine. I didn't totally loathe her. lol It was fun in the end.

Dirty Deeds-- A waitress at a titty bar and the bouncer who works there. Both..with secret reasons for those jobs. And a cold blooded murder on premises that sends them running for their lives. It was good.

Dirty Secrets-- A stalkery mob boss with a soft spot vs a stripper ballerina. It was...interesting. They were fun, though, but, yeah, there were some fuck ups on the hero's part but hard not to love him.


I started Forests, Fishing & Forgery yesterday. It's pretty good so far. There are gonna be puppies and there are two cutie guys so I can't complain. Editing is better than the earlier ones so far. *fingers crossed*

I was naughty and took 2 for review. I love both authors and series and couldn't help myself. lol

I picked up 4 freebie kindle books and an audio of Sweet as Sin. I've listened to it before on a borrow but had an Audible coupon and needed to buy something without a credit and it was only 1.99.


I won a kindle copy of The Noble Guardian from Goodreads. I LOVE this cover!

The Vampire Knitting Club by Nancy Warren
Blog All About It-- Risk
New Book Releases & Sales
Memes-- Summer TBR Pile

Eh. Planner to come. I usually do these Monday-ish. So never ready for the blog post. Oops! lol


Mostly just regular food this week but did have two fun things.

1. Made herbed cheese with cucumber, radishes and carrot greens. It was amazing! I grew the radishes and carrot greens. First time having those. 

2. Just a salad. BUT I grew the carrots, tomatoes, lettuce and onions! Holy! Hopefully by end of summer I'll have also grown the cucumber and watermelon (though onions will be gone by then). Pretty cool, yall!

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Top Ten: Childhood Favorites

Books weren't a big thing for me until I was out of college. I really hated reading in school because, well, I don't like being told what to do or when to do it lol and I just didn't enjoy the books being read. When I was super little I did love the Berenstain Bears and Little Critter. Nothing else really stuck in my mind other than those two series.


Question: Do you review all of the books you read?
A: Yes, eventually. They all get a real rough draft review on Goodreads as I finish them. Eventually-- sometimes a year later-- they'll be prettied up and posted to the blog. But everything I read -- minus the books I read for authors I work for-- gets a review.

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