Friday, September 20, 2019

SIGN UP-- Blog Ahead October Challenge 2019

It's TIME!!!!!! Yes, it's nearly October and that means it's time to sign up for our annual Blog Ahead Challenge! I love this challenge! It's a fantastic way to get a little support from other bloggers and get yourself ready for the end of year school madness, for the holidays, get prepared in case there's an emergency or just put last minute blogging behind you!

This was a game changer for my personal blog. I love not having to worry at 1150pm that my post for the next day isn't finished.

The Gist: Blog blog blog and up those scheduled completed posts by 31 during the month of October.

Calculate your Goal: On Oct 1 look at your  number "scheduled" posts (posts that you could publish right then and there) and add 31 to that number. That is your goal to reach by November 1st.

Who Can Join? Anyone with a blog! New blog, old blog, any subject blog, author blog, etc

What Now? Sign up below! Create a post about the event or add it to your weekly meme post. Join the FB group. Spread the word. Then just wait for October to kick off and then blog your heart out!

Add your blog here!

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