Sunday, September 8, 2019

[meme] Ooop! I forgot a week! All the Things...

Yall I'm worn out. It was a long (two) weeks. Nothing bad just a little of everything. I skipped posting last week mainly because I was lazy and then when I finally got around to finishing the meme post it was time for this week's meme post. lol So they're combined. 

Mom is doing great! She's home and behaving post surgery. She said it's not as bad as expected and no worse than it was pre-surgery so that's good. Thank you for all the prayers for her. Lotus is home, too, but having a little struggle. She's 19 and mom is worried.

The food pantry was fine mostly. Nothing really notable. USO as well. Good to see the guys as usual.

I gardened and did some house projects. Went on a historical landmark hunt and a grocery store grand opening.

Had a birthday. Found out someone stole some of my birthday freebies from different companies. So that was charming. People are jerks aren't they? The stores were nice, though, and gave me my freebies after a while. Got some pretty flowers.

I didn't read much of anything last week (kindle died and just meh) but read a bit more this past week.

Um. For the first time in a long time I didn't finish a single darn book in an entire week *gasp*
Last week was just weird I guess.

Week 2 I did manage to finish a couple, though!

Fresh in the Kitchen (best friends doing the fake dating thing) and A Ghostly Undertaking (undertaker can suddenly see ghosts). Both were entertaining.

A Mackenzie Clan Christmas-- 1/3 new novella, 2/3rds old novella. The new one was fun as the whole clan comes back home to spend the holidays together.


A Very Country Christmas is cute so far. It's just a novella. The heroine and hero are having their first just them Christmas and she accidentally invites 10 more people to dinner and is having a flail over cooking for everyone last minute.

An unexpected surprise in the mail. I just love the cover for Wrapped Up In You. I had a struggle with the last book in the series so we'll see how this one goes. I also picked up a couple netgalley titles.



Hard Sell by Lauren Layne


Like my reading there's been no cooking. lol I basically ate out for dang near every meal the last two weeks as I picked up birthday freebies from different restaurants. It's been terrible but oh so yummy. lol There was cake, too.

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(last week's top 10)
Top Ten:  Books Outside of My Comfort Zone
I don't really have books outside my comfort zone. I mainly read romance and cozy mysteries but I'll read nearly anything. Hello I've read monster porn and bizzaro, so, yeah. lol This topic was just a miss on my lists. The only things I won't really read are horror and m/m romance. I just don't care for them though I've read both in the past but I avoid them. 

(this week)
Top Three: Books On My TBR Imma Skeered to Read lol


I struggled with my last Yates book (first one I had real issues with) so I'm a bit scared that that'll happen again.

And my last by Aiken as Laurensten was a DNF so that has me real nervous.

Aaaaand same with the Shalvis. The last one did not go over fabulously for me and I'd hate for that to happen again. 

So basically once an author I adore has a major dud I'm a big ol chicken about reading their next because I don't want them to have another dud and fall off my favorites/guaranteed good time list. 

(last week)
Question: What would you give as a birthday gift to a fellow book lover?
A: A gift card to either B&N or Amazon. I don't buy books for people because you never know what they already have. So an easy way out but hopefully a happy thing because...books. lol

(this week)
Question: Have you ever borrowed a library book then loved it so much you bought a copy?
A: Eh kinda? I've enjoyed a lot of library books. I usually borrow books because I'm waiting for a sale. So I've bought quite a few when I've later on seen them free or 99cents-1.99

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