Monday, September 30, 2019

The Monthly Herd-- September-- What Happened?!

My word. Where did time go?! September was crazy around here. From family to herd to garden and doing new things.

So the highlights? Mom is doing great post knee surgery and getting back to normal life. The herd has been hanging in there. Everyone's fine just driving me out of my mind. lol

I started working for Instacart which has been an experience! I'm having my 3rd shift today. And I got a drone and promptly crashed him. He survived! I'm not a good drone mom.

I'm hosting two October Challenges!!! I hope you'll join us in one or both of them!

I didn't do a ton of blogging in September. And the last week next to no reading. I've just not felt like it so I've not done it. Hopefully these challenges will kick me into gear. 

I read more than 2 books in September but only posted 2 reviews. I think this is the smallest number of reviews in a month I've ever posted. Yikes! They were both good. Very different from each other but good. Images link to reviews. 

Total Reviews: 2
New to Me Authors: 0
Favorite Read: Trailblazer
Towards Challenges: 2


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