Friday, January 6, 2012

Follow Friday! It's my first :)

Q. Go Count the number of unread books sitting on your shelf. How many?

A: It's my first Follow Friday and I'm going to truly embarrass myself here. Goodreads says I have....417!

OMG. Yeah, I may have a problem here, people. 


  1. It's OK... I can completely relate to your problem!!

  2. LMAO! See why I stuck to one shelf?! Much easier. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by! Following you back!

  3. @jennifer thanks. glad I'm not alone :)

    @Hannah. Yeah I think I'm following your example. off to search for my smallest shelf...

  4. Hopping through. New follower! You're definitely not alone in your large TBR shelf. Welcome to FF!
    My Hop

  5. 417 on your tbr shelf? So scary.
    Welcome to the FF party. :)

    Here's our #FF post
    Please stop by to say hi and follow back.

    Maja @ The Nocturnal Library

  6. Big number but at least you have many books to look forward to. And I reckon having an overflowing TBR pile is a pretty good problem to have. :P Happy to be a new follower! Welcome to FF.

    My FF post

  7. Ooomg I thought mine was bad at 370 something. Teehee.

    Xpresso Reads

  8. It's so easy to let your tbr pile get out of hand, new follower, here's mine

  9. I am sure mine is outrageous as well.


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  10. @Allison Thank goodness I'm not alone!

    @Sam- I'm definitely okay with this problem. Have a floor to ceiling bookcase in the living room no one wall for the unreads. It's very pretty to look at :)

    @Maja- Yeah mine must sound terrible to you. Can't imagine only having 6 on hand! That's how my mother is. My collection horrifies her!

    @Giselle- Hey you're almost caught up to me :) I'm two down! Only 415 now!!

    @Sarah- Yep it really is but you always have something fun to pick up! Yours made me feel much better ;) I can get a few more now I think.

    @Elizabeth- Thanks just checked that out!

  11. You have one of the best blog names I've come across in a long time - love it!

    1. :smirk: thanks :) I had a lot of fun coming up with it!


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