Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year....New Blog

So herding cats & burning soup. I'm going to put pretty much everything here. House projects and their resulting eye twitching disasters, herding cats (yeah I really do herd cats. around 40 on a daily basis), my cooking adventures and probably some on what I'm reading. Everything that makes me happy. First time I'm going to really try blogging so we shall see....hopefully all the cats will be herded and no soup will burn (yep it's actually happened. i've got talent). Oh and there will probably be a dressed up cat or two along the way.

My goals for this year...

  • Read 275 books
  • Read 25 new authors
  • Cook/bake 52 new recipes
  • Finish house projects that never get done
  • Find homes for 12 black cats
  •  Finish 12 crafty girly projects


  1. I am the first follower of your blog! Welcome to the blogging world. Best of luck. Your cat looks very cute! I just read through your goals for the year- wow!! You have a lot to do. Best of luck with reading, cooking, and projects! Can't wait to hear all about what is going on!


  2. Aw! Thanks for being my first follower :) I was feeling a bit ambitious with my goals but I think it'll be a blast working on them!


  3. 40 cats! There's a daily disaster in my house with 1 dog! Maybe that's the difference. Stumbled this.

  4. Yep 40 cats but not all at my home thank goodness! I run an animal adoption center where I do most of my "herding". We've got the dog too. 140 pounds of pup who likes to give daily us fun daily disasters too. He's great though. Thanks for stopping by!


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