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Some Girls Bite Read Along- Week 2!

Hosted by Tina at Teina's Book Reviws, Rummanah at Books in the Spotlight, Missie at The Unread Reader and Jenny at Supernatural Snark.

Questions for Chapters 5-8

1. In what is a make you blush, steamy scene in the book- Chapter 5 has Ethan and Merit sharing a few hot moments after Merit's hunger strikes...that is until Ethan becomes a total cad! What do you think of him so far? Strong, masterful vampire, conceited playboy.....lover boy in disguise? 

I'm loving Ethan so far. Mmmmhmmm. That man is seriously lickable. He is definitely a strong, masterful vampire and completely arrogant playboy but I can see some lover boy in him. I like getting to see little glimpses of him being uncertain about Merit and his reactions when she doesn't fall right into his offers. There are just so many "oh Ethan, really?" moments. The whole consort bit killed me. Couldn't help but laugh and just shake my head at his complete and utter fail there. The whole "be still" thing totally works for me too.

2. Merit and Mallory begin some major training in these next few chapters, resulting in cool Katana Sword facts and Ninja moves. What is the most physically challenging or adrenaline fueled event/activity you have participated in?

 I am so not an adrenaline junkie. You so won't find me jumping out of a perfectly good plane or throwing myself off a bridge with just a wee little rubber band keeping me safe. I think the most adrenaline fueled would be whitewater rafting back in highschool. Was exciting, a bit challenging and a really good time trying something new with friends even if I did spend a good bit of time freaking about falling out of the raft. I would love to learn some of those Ninja moves Merit learns :) Most physically challenging would be helping to build a house from the ground up during college when I was part of our Habitat for Humanity campus chapter. Was hard work but I learned a lot and it's a great organization.

3. Mallory and Catcher have sparks so intense they almost fly off the page.....what do you think of this cozy couple? Did you like the insta-love between them? Do they add to the story?

Ahhhh they are so that couple in highschool that was madly can't live without you in love one minute then the next the fur was flying and it was the end of the world I never want to see you again!!!!! I'm with Merit on this, best to just sit back and enjoy the show and enjoy the drama not being yours. I think they add a lovely bit of drama to the story at this point. 

4. Lets talk Bff's....Mallory is hands down a terrific friend to Merit, the girls relationship is real, down to earth and fun....not to mention hysterical. What is your favorite memory or favorite thing to do with your bff? 

I get together with two of my girlfriends every month and we spend an afternoon gossiping and cooking new foods we've never tried. They've deemed us the Burnt Toast Mafia. We have a blast trying our hand at new things even if they don't all turn out as culinary masterpieces. Some get burned (usually when we're into a good story and forget), some a little undercooked, one ended up looking like a huge bugger (a seafood lasagna...ugh...never again!). We always have a theme with someone in charge of an appetizer, main dish and dessert. Our favorite was phallic February complete with penis straws . We had Zuchini boats, arancini (rice balls stuffed with cheese and peas) and penis cake. We're all way more than grown but spent the afternoon giggling like a bunch of 12 year olds. It was great!

5. Things are starting to heat up in the mystery department...the set up at Red, Morgan's flirty appearance.... Catchers vague answers......as correlation day gets closer for Merit do you think someone is out to get her...or maybe recruit her to another house? Or PS- feed her some more food...because goodnight this girl likes to eat!!!

Love that the girl can eat! Ah so many slightly questionable answers and events. I don't think that anyone is out to get her specifically (other than the whole munching on her at the start) but using her to get information about her house has definitely possibilities. Morgan showing up at her house and then the whole courting bit after his completely 8 year old boy tattletale moment at the club just seemed off. 


  1. OMGOSH- the burnt toast mafia...that is awesome!!! And what a great idea to get together and cook...:D

    That is great you built a house for HFH, Ive always wanted to do that!

  2. :smirk: yeah burnt toast mafia. there are even hats involved. and nicknames...

  3. Blahahaa, Red. You totally had me cracking up! Thanks for that. Yeah, I'm not likely to jump out of a perfectly good plane either.

    And the whole "Be Still" thing totally had me curling my toes! LOL

  4. @Missie Right? Only way I'm going out of a plane like that is kicking and screaming and someone is going to be seriously haunted for the rest of their life if I don't make it down okay.

  5. BURNT TOAST MAFIA!!! That's awesome! And I see we are in accord with our thoughts on Ethan - love him, but oh, he is such a schmuck at times :)

    Wee little rubberband **snicker**

  6. My husband wants to jump out of a plane. I think his mind might be changed on the bungee jump after the woman's accident this week. But he's up for all the extreme sports. I'm more of a side line girl myself. Go honey, I'll call 911!!

    You and your friends sound like a lot of fun! Penis cake. I don't know if I could eat that!


  7. I just snorted out load. Penis straws? I don't think I have heard about that. Bawhahahaha

    I want that burnt toast! GIMME GIMME! Yum!

  8. @bibliophile a lovable schmuck if ever there was one :)

    @Buried in books I'm so with you on that "Go honey, I'll call 911." Yep that would be me. The penis cake was really something else. there was a purple penis jello mold as well. that one was even worse since it had a bit of jiggle action going on. oy.

    @Paragon. Those penis straws. Yeah that'll make you blush at lunch. They come in multiple colors too and glow in the dark. Man, sometimes I really wish I didn't know these things...


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