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The Perfect Score by Beth Williamson

The Perfect Score Tournament is coming to the small town of Espejo, Texas. The biggest bowling tournament in the state is going to change the lives of three friends.

What they find is more than a 300 game.

Type: Erotica,  3 connected novellas
Heat: 4 out of 5
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Well, damn. Who would have thought bowling would be so The setting for The Perfect Score was definitely one of the more unique ones I've seen for a romance but damn if it didn't totally work and have me itching to pick up a ball and head to the nearest bowling alley.  

Babs, Veronica and Marlene were such an interesting group of friends and I loved that not only were they each completely different from one another but that their stories reflected that as well. It's a quick flowing read that really touched my heart as I watched the three women heal from past hurts and find love when and where they least expected. It's hot as hell too ;)

One Night Stand- 3.5 star

It's been years since Babs' divorce left her shattered and the last person she expects to see walking into the Perfect Score Tournament is her ex husband's former best friend, Jimmy Tanaka. 

I really loved that Jimmy and Babs had a bit of history together and have wondered for years about being with the other. I always enjoy that connection between a couple and seeing them finally find each other again. 

I did have a little trouble getting into this one mainly because Babs was too abrasive for me and took some warming up to. She has a very in-your-face attitude and masks her pain and insecurities with excess everything. Smoking, drinking and an endless string of one night stands which is one of those things that kinda skeeves me out. Especially when no condoms are involved. And yeah, I know it's fiction but ::shudder:: I completely understood why she behaved liked she did and my heart absolutely broke for her though. 

Now, Jimmy. I LOVED him. He's Japanese (which I believe is a first in my reading) and completely swoon worthy. I loved his sensuality and flat out sexiness. He cooks, is determined and has a way about him that's so damn delicious. And holy hell the sex scenes with him are to die for. He's one of those heroes that'll have you panting for more :)  
"Anticipation is part of sex, aijin. You must ride with me."

Widow's Weeds- 4.5 star

In the years after losing her husband in an accident Veronica has stopped living as well. Her life is dull and filled with loneliness but no one she meets ever makes her tingle and come to life. That is until she meets her new bowling partner, Patrice.

Widow's Weeds was really interesting and happened to be my first foray into f/f reading. It's just never been one of those things that really drew me in and I was a little nervous about it but you know? I really enjoyed it. I loved both of the women and thought they fit so nicely together as friends and a couple. You could really feel the connection between them and how comfortable they were with each other as friends (even with the awkward relationship moments thrown in).

I really loved how the relationship was handled as well. It completely won me over to Patrice. She really got how big a deal this was for Veronica and wanted to make her "first time" good for her. I think that made it easier for me too since I was sort of eased into the relationship just like Veronica. There were some really hard emotional moments as Veronica dealt with her new feelings and how much they went against her upbringing. I didn't love how she handled everything but oh I so understood her confusion and fear over the unknown. I was really proud of her in the end as well. I think if you're interested in f/f stories this one is an excellent place to start.
"Dinner right? What are you in the mood for?" Her voice was a little shrill and more high bitched than usual.

Patrice leaned forward and placed the tips of two fingers on Veronica's lips. They felt hot, like branding irons.

Marlene's Man- 5 star

Marlene's always been a big girl and dealt with people pulling her down. She's never really had someone to call her own and has focused on one goal. Scoring a perfect 300 game. And then in walks her new partner Buck Miller who changes everything...

I freaking loved this one! Marlene and Buck had a grin on my face nearly the entire time I was reading their story. They're both just awesome people and I loved all of their interactions both innocent and, well, not so innocent ;) The heat between them was unreal and lordy he's quite a hunk of man. 
I loved that Marlene was a little larger than your average heroine and that Buck loved her just how she was. They're fun and hot and sweet all mixed into one and were just a damn good time.
Buck was about to get lightheaded from his jeans cutting off the circulation to his dick. Holy hell. Marlene was sending him enough smoke signals to light his ass on fire. As they walked toward his truck in the parking lot, she reached over and palmed him. He almost fell over in surprise.

"Sorry, I just couldn't wait any longer. I'm like a kid on Christmas with a shiny gift." 
"It ain't shiny yet, but keep that up and it won't be long." His voice wavered and he swallowed a groan that threatened to burst from his throat. 

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Do you ever step out of your comfort zone when you're reading?
What's the strangest/most unique setting for a romance you've read?
Have you picked up one of Beth's books before? What did you think of it?

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